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I’d argue that the best thing about Thanksgiving is the bounty of leftovers that fills your fridge afterwards. Of course, the main move for your leftovers is throwing together a bomb-ass turkey sandwich. Pile it high with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and, hell, maybe even mashed potatoes! But if you’re not going to go the leftovers sandwich route, you’re going to need some good turkey sandwich spread options to get through all that meat everyone was too full of green bean casserole to finish. Whether you’re engaging in post-Thanksgiving leftovers disposal or you just want a tasty turkey sandwich any old time (don’t forget to buy the best deli turkey, too), these are the best turkey sandwich spread to stock up on.

Harry & David Country Cranberry Relish

Canned cranberry sauce is a classic turkey accoutrement, but if you want something sweet and tart that’s an actual condiment (i.e. something that comes in a container you can close and revisit later), this is the best turkey sandwich spread. It’s more interesting than a canned cranberry sauce, too. It’s made with walnuts, so it has a nice texture, and there’s even some orange zest in the mix for a brightness that will make you crave fall flavors on your turkey sandwiches all year long. Yes, this is pricier than canned cranberry sauce, but it’s worth the splurge when you’re shopping for turkey sandwich spreads.

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Priano Rosso Pesto

I love sun dried tomatoes on a turkey sandwich. They’re a little sweet. Super savory. Very umami. This pesto takes all that flavor, combines it with nuts and parmesan cheese, and turns it into the perfect sandwich spread for a sandwich piled high with roasted turkey, arugula, and mozzarella cheese. Like sun dried tomatoes, this stuff is so tomatoey and wonderfully sweet, but that sweetness is perfectly offset by the salty cheeses. This is the best turkey sandwich spread if you’re making a toasty lil panini for sure.

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Follow Your Heart Chipotle Vegenaise

The beauty of including Follow Your Heart Chipotle Vegenaise in our lineup of the best turkey sandwich spreads is that it’s totally plant based, which means it can make its way onto more people’s plates. Maybe you eat meat but your stomach can’t handle eggs and dairy. Or maybe you don’t eat meat or eggs and dairy, in which case this is definitely one of the best vegan turkey sandwich spreads. It has a peppery, smoky flavor, a little bit of heat, and a super creamy texture. If you have leftover vegan turkey loaf, this is your jam. Or, veggie folk, you can eat it all year with one of the best vegan sandwich meats.

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Ken’s Steak House Thousand Island

A Rachel sandwich is a close cousin to the Reuben, the main difference being a base of turkey instead of corned beef. Both, however, share one important ingredient: thousand island dressing. Ken’s Steak House Thousand Island makes the ideal turkey sandwich spread. It’s tangy, sweet, creamy, salty, and just thick enough to stay inside our sandwich. Grab some sauerkraut and tell Reuben to hit the road, because it’s a Rachel kind of night.

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St Elmo Steak House Creamy Horseradish

Let’s start with the obvious. Yes, this is technically a steak sauce. No, I don’t care about that limitation. Because let’s be honest, turkey needs a kick of flavor to make it good. I’m sorry, it’s the truth! St. Elmo Steak House Creamy Horseradish is the best spread for turkey sandwiches because it’s ready to give that kick you’re desperately looking for. According to Sporked’s taste testers, “It’s extremely creamy with a serious prepared horseradish punch that hits you right away.” This stuff is no joke, but it’s the best turkey sandwich spread when you really need a sauce to entertain your taste buds!

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