A Thin Mint-Pita Chip Mashup Is Hitting Stores Soon

If I were to ask almost anyone to play a game of word association starting with “pita chip,” I can almost guarantee they would not say “Girl Scout Cookies.” Because nobody would associate those two food groups. At least, not until this week.

In a surprising yet compelling collaboration, Stacy’s, the popular pita chip brand, is teaming up with the Girl Scouts of the USA to launch Thin Mint Pita Chips, which are set to hit store shelves in September.

What will these Thin Mint Pita Chips even taste like? Will they be sweet? Salty? Both? Neither?

All we really know is that this snack will apparently combine the minty-chocolate flavor we associate with Thin Mints and the crispiness we associate with Stacy’s Pita Thins. So basically, they will be chocolatey, minty, crispy, and crunchy—and the rest we’ll have to find out for ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to check out this latest Girl Scout Cookie innovation. Girl Scout Cookies have been on a roll this month with new product launches—I mean, did you hear about the new Raspberry Thin Mints?!?! Unreal.

And while we can’t know for sure whether these Thin Mint Pita Chips will taste good (although I can’t imagine they won’t), we do know they are for a good cause. Stacy’s Pita Chips, a brand founded and run by women, is pledging a $50,000 donation to the Girl Scouts to help foster the next generation of female entrepreneurs. “Stacy’s believes that when women rise, we all rise. And now, we’re expanding this idea by supporting these entrepreneurs in partnership with the Girl Scouts,” said the VP of Marketing at Frito-Lay (Stacy’s parent company). Dang it, Stacy’s, how dare you get me all misty eyed over some damn pita chips?!? Curse you! (Just kidding, you’re doing great things, keep it up!)

In conclusion, I will be buying these chips. And I don’t just mean if I happen to encounter them in stores—I plan to actively seek them out. I love Thin Mints. I love a good cause. And I love a wacky combo! And speaking of wacky combos, I bet these would be absolutely iconic with some dessert hummus.

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