Ubaby! We Tried Trader Joe’s New Ube Joe-Joe’s

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Trader Joe’s has released a new ube-flavored product. If you’re not familiar, ube is a purple yam with a sweet, earthy, almost nutty flavor that’s popular in Filipino cuisine. Over the course of the past year or so, Trader Joe’s has released an ube spread, ube pretzels, ube ice cream, ube mochi pancake mix, and ube shortbread cookies. The latest product to join the lineup? An ube-coated, ube-filled version of Joe-Joe’s, TJ’s famous sandwich cookies. The lavender cookies look beautiful, but do they actually taste good? And, more importantly, do they actually taste like ube?

ube Joe-Joe's

New Product!

Trader Joe’s Ube Joe-Joe’s

Sadly, the newest addition to the Trader Joe’s ube family is a disappointment. These Joe-Joe’s are like a super smart cousin that had potential but ended up doing absolutely nothing with their life and is not nearly as nice as an adult as they were when they were a child. These could have been so good. What’s not to love about the idea of an ube cream filled sandwich cookie coated with an ube glaze? The biggest problem is that these don’t taste anything like ube. The second biggest problem is that they’re absurdly sweet. I couldn’t even finish a whole cookie and I like sweets a lot. They need more genuine ube flavor and something to contrast the sweetness. Unfortunately, these ended up being boring and nearly inedible. Fingers crossed that TJ’s will rework the recipe, but until then, this is a new Trader Joe’s product I won’t be buying again.

Credit: Liv Averett / Trader Joe’s




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  • Totally agree with this, WAY too sweet and barely ube