What the Next Flamin’ Hot Product Should Be, According to You

It’s 2023, and by now, Flamin’ Hot means a lot to a lot of different people. It’s a flavor of Cheetos, a movie, a Mtn Dew, a way to describe summer in Arizona, and so much more. But we here at Sporked believe Flamin’ Hot could go even further, so we took to X (or the “social media platform formerly known as Twitter,” as I like to call it) to get your take on the matter, and can I just say? Y’all have great opinions. So, without further ado, here is what the next Flamin’ Hot product should be, according to you.

Spicy Training Wheels

“Give the children Flaming Hot Lunchables 😂” —@ThatDudeLon

1000%. Gotta start them early.

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Heat Chex

“Chex mix” —@NBVitriolic

This sounds utterly fantastic and I would like it right now, please and thanks. Like, can we petition for this? I am dead serious.

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The Wake-Up Call

“Pancakes, waffles and French toast” —@Beardedknight0

It’s never too early for middlingly spicy, violently red foods, and that is a fact.

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The Hot Hot dog

“Spam and/or hot dogs.” —@SouthpawXtn

I mean this is just a good idea. Plus, imagine violently red hot dogs and SPAM! The flavor and the shock factor would be there for sure.

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Snap, Krackle, Pepper

“Rice Krispies” —@MBarlow092

Breakfast of champions.

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Cocoa Meets Capsaicin

Flamin’ Hot chocolate ice cream. I’ve been saying for years that would be so good!! – @ErikWinningham

I would absolutely purchase this. There is nothing about this that sounds at all wrong to me.

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Hydration, but Make it Spicy

“Spring water” —@Swice_Tea

Seems like an infinite loop of creating a fire in your mouth while simultaneously putting it out and I need to know what this feels like, stat.

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Flamin’ Figs

“Fig Newtons” —@RC_awesome

I know @RC_awesome probably put this in here as a joke but I mean…figs go well with cheese, cheese goes well with foods like hot honey and pepper jam. So it stands to reason that figs would go well with foods like hot honey and pepper jam and Flamin’ Hot flavor. Plus, I need a bright red Fig Newton in my life, please and thanks.

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The Breading Hack

“Dried shrimp or panko” —@steerbaby001

Only the Spiciest Dentists Agree

“Floss” —@tomcatvickers

Okay, but like…yes, please.

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