The Best Bargains We Spotted at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

Bargain shopping can be a slippery slope, especially when you’re shopping at a place like Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. You can obviously find regular things you’d normally buy at a bit of a discount, but the biggest deals are on the more unique, more offbeat products that you can sometimes struggle to imagine fitting into your daily diet. That said, it’s still worth covering the best deals we’ve seen at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. Hey, maybe you’re the one person out there looking to drink a dozen cans of cucumber lime energy seltzer. We won’t judge!

True North Cucumber Lime Energy Seltzer

For the one person who got excited at the end of that intro, this one’s for you. Our local Grocery Outlet Bargain Market had a huge sign advertising this huge deal on a 12-pack of True North pure energy seltzer ($5.99 compared to the “elsewhere price” of $20.98). Even if you doubt you’ll kill all of these yourself, they’re worth putting in the fridge and offering to guests.

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Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears (65 pouches)

Okay, this one makes a little more sense to me. Individual pouches of gummy bears are infinitely easier to find a use for. Hide them in your jacket pocket for a pick-me-up when you need it most, keep them in a jar on your desk to make work friends, give them out on Halloween, or smuggle them into the movies. The possibilities are endless and for just $9.99, it’s a pretty big bargain.

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Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch Smoky BBQ

Yes, Nature Valley makes savory granola bars now and, no, I was not shocked to see these at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market for 99 cents for an entire box. I have so many questions, but honestly, for 99 cents I can muster up the courage to buy these and face my fears of a savory Nature Valley bar.

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Mrs. Butterworth’s EPIC Fruity Pebbles Flavored Pancake Kit

This is my favorite sort of bargain at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market: A gimmicky food that didn’t sell at or to a regular grocery store, so now you can try it at a discount. I’d also lump cake mixes and limited edition cereals into this category, but this pancakes were a great find for $1.49. There are 14 servings in a box, which means we’re looking at around 5 cents a dang pancake by my estimate!

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Birch Benders Chocolate Chip Carb Friendly Toaster Waffles

99 cents for a box of waffles is a hell of a deal, even if they do scare my Eggo-loving heart a little. Any keto lover should snatch these up in and instant and anyone looking to douse them with maple syrup to help them go down for cheap can join in the fun too!

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Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls

This is the GOAT of bargains at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. It’s a product you’d actually buy on the regular and for a fraction of the price you’d get elsewhere. Sure, the Super Bowl has passed, but this is your reminder pigs in a blanket are delicious all year long.

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Brave Robot Vanilla ‘N Cookies

It’s rare to find vegan ice cream for cheaper than even the cheapest dairy ice cream, so this non-dairy cookies and cream ice cream is a deal even non-vegans can’t pass up. Seriously, $2 for a pint of ice cream is unheard of. Stock up for yourself and your vegan friends.

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Sheila G’s Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle

A pound of brownie brittle for six bucks is enough to get anyone’s mouth watering. This stuff is perfect to keep in your pantry for a quick fix when you’re craving chocolate. Or crumble this atop a bowl of that cheap ice cream you picked up. For real, they don’t call this place Grocery Outlet Bargain Market for nothing.

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