Best Candy Toppings for Ice Cream

You are such a healthy adult. You eat leaves sometimes. You tried a persimmon last year. You even went on a walk one time. But as cool and healthy as you are, sometimes, a girl just needs her candy and ice cream. For her own mental well-being and the well-being of everyone around her. And candy and ice cream are not only two of the best food groups (according to the leading scientist on dessert foods, Buddy the Elf), they also happen to go great together. So without further ado, here are our picks for the best candy toppings for ice cream, aka the top toppings to top your ice cream with, candy edition.

Haribo Goldbears

Are you one of those weirdos who wishes Haribo Gummy Bears were even harder? First of all, same. Second of all, throw those bad boys on some ice cream and enjoy your freshly formed rainbow rocks. Plus, when they are cold like that, they last longer in your mouth so you get a slow release of flavor for even longer than when the bears are in their normal inexplicably rock-hard state. And the flavors themselves are fantastic. Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling noted that “they have such distinct, incredible flavors,” including pineapple, her personal favorite. Me personally? I’m a raspberry girl myself.

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M&M’s Minis

In terms of how they react to ice cream, these are the opposite of the Haribo Goldbears—they stay exactly the same texture when exposed to the cold, cold cream. But some people don’t like change, so this solution to the cold candy problem is perfect for them. Plus, these are essentially more flavorful chocolate sprinkles, and who doesn’t want that topping their sundae?! No one I know, that’s for sure. Sporked managing editor Gwynedd Stuart firmly believes that “M&M’s Minis are a more perfect version of a plain M&M,” and I fully agree. These little suckers are among the best candy toppings for ice cream, too.

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Sour Patch Kids

Because I like ‘em a whole dang lot and no other reason.

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Those Weird Candy Legos You Can Somehow Only Get at Frozen Yogurt Places

A controversial fave. They don’t taste like much, but the fun part is you can build something with them AND eat them. It’s just like gingerbread! Or graham crackers! Or logs!

Smashed Butterfingers

These things are like peanut butter-chocolate bonito flakes. Used as a candy topping for ice cream, they add interesting texture as well as glorious flavor. They deserve more credit. Especially if you haven’t tried one in a while, give Butterfinger a chance! You may just be surprised. Our taste testers noted that a Butterfinger has “a really crunchy, almost caramelly vibe to it, but it’s its own thing.” They have a crunchy honeycomb caramel-like texture with a salty-sweet peanut buttery flavor. It’s the best candy topping for ice cream for people who like the flavor of peanut butter but don’t really like the paste-like consistency.

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Snickers (and a Cherry)

Microwave the Snickers for a few seconds, grab a maraschino cherry, then slap both on some vanilla ice cream, and you’ve got yourself a chocolate-caramel sundae with nuts and a cherry. Easy Peasy Snickers Squeezy. The nougat is just an added bonus. Want to take it even further? Use a Whatchamacallit bar instead of Snickers. Our favorite chocolate bar has “a thin, delicate coating of chocolate; a slightly salty, peanut buttery flavor; a little bit of a crisp-rice crunch; and chew from the luscious caramel within,” and with it, you can create a makeshift sundae that will make it feel like a perpetual Saturday.

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