Best Cookies to Dunk in Milk

What are the best cookies to dunk in milk? Well, whether you like crunchy cookies or soft-baked cookies, dairy milk or an alternative milk (soy? almond?), we have options for you.  One thing we can all agree on: Sitting down to a nice plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk is a lovely way to treat yourself (not to mention a key component to cosplaying as Santa). The Sporked crew have tasted their way through a lot of cookies, but some go better with milk than others. Grab a glass, your milk of choice, and peep this list of the best cookies for milk.


Girl Scout Cookies are top-tier all on their own—with milk? Forget about it. But while many many of the cookies your local troop member is hawking are coated in a thick layer of chocolate or rolled in toasted coconut (we see you, Samoas stans), Toast-Yay! cookies are absorbent and perfect for dunking. In their ranking of the best girl scout cookies, senior writer Jordan Myrick described Toast-Yay! as “gigantic, french toast-inspired cookies with notes of cinnamon sugar and maple.” These delicately spiced cookies are perfect with a cold glass of milk. Dunk away, we say!

Double Stuf Oreos

In their ranking of the best Oreo flavors, Jordan Myrick revealed that Double Stuf are the best Oreos of them all, and who could argue?! “The ratio of cookie to cream in these is ideal and you still get the delicious Oreo flavor,” they wrote. Dunking a Double Stuf Oreo into a glass of milk is perfect if you love cream but think the crunchy cookies that sandwich it could use a bit of softening up. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Pepperidge Farms Montauk Soft Baked Milk Chocolate Cookies

When it comes to the best cookies to dunk in milk, I’m very partial to a soft cookie. In Sporked’s best chocolate chip ranking, Danny Palumbo put Pepperidge Farms Montauk Soft Baked Milk Chocolate Cookies at the top of the heap. “There’s something really exciting about a soft, gooey, and chewy chocolate chip cookie, so Pepperidge Farm’s Montauk cookies are the best store-bought chocolate chip cookies for soft cookie lovers,” he assured. As a soft cookie lover, these hit every mark and go great with a cold glass of milk. You may have to break these up to get them to fit into the glass, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Tate’s Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

For all my crunchy cookie people, this one’s for you. Sporked’s best chocolate chip ranking also identified the best crunchy cookie to dip in milk! You can thank Tate’s Bake Shop for baking up a cookie that’s deliciously crisp (if that’s your thing) and has just the right amount of salt. “These cookies are absolutely stuffed with chocolate, and the taste of the cookie itself is sweet but has this extra bit of caramelization, too,” Danny Palumbo wrote. These are amazing on their own, but serve them up with milk and watch everybody lose their minds.

Back to Nature Peanut Butter Creme Cookies

If you’re big on peanut butter washed down with milk, you’ll want to hear this. Jordan tried Back to Nature’s peanut butter creme cookies and wrote in Sporked’s best peanut butter cookie ranking that they are “the perfect balance of sweet and salty. The cookie is crunchy, while still being tender and crumbly.” These vegan cookies are wonderfully nutty and perfectly salted. Peanut butter and milk are already two of the world’s best creations and one of the best duos––smooth and creamy. Back to Nature nailed it with this best peanut butter cookie to dunk in milk.

Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter sandwich cookies not your style? How about these crunchy peanut butter cookies from Trader Joe’s? They don’t contain cream like Back to Nature’s peanut butter cookies, but they do have roasted peanuts and pockets of peanut butter for the ultimate peanut butter cookie experience. Trader Joe’s has you covered when it comes to a buttery and crispy peanut butter cookie that is perfect for milk-related adventures.

Annas Ginger Swedish Thins

Gingersnaps need love, too. In Sporked’s best gingerbread cookies ranking, Annas Ginger Swedish Thins took the top spot. Danny praised these wonderfully delicate cookies for their pleasant spice and huge crunch. “You really get to taste the peppery, mellow notes of the ginger. The texture is also quite crispy, and the cookies themselves are indeed thin, so the crunch factor is even higher,” he noted. These are the best cookies to dunk in milk if you love ginger and a thin cookie with a good snap.

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