The Best Things We Ate This Week (May 8-12)

Every week, the Sporked team sidles up to the tasting table and sets out to find the absolute best of the best packaged foods, the gold hidden in the grocery aisles. Each week we’ll bring you five standouts that truly rocked our taste buds and changed our lives—or at least our buying habits. Here are the best things we ate this week.

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Wickles Spicy Red Sandwich Spread

This sandwich spread from Wickles Pickles is like Jersey Mike’s cherry pepper spread but better. I brought this jar of tangy, spicy, salty spread home and will put it on every sandwich for the rest of forever. Avocado toast, tuna salad, grilled cheese—it would be good on literally anything you can put between two slices of bread.

Olive Garden Light Italian Dressing

This tastes pretty much exactly like the regular version of Olive Garden’s signature dressing but has significantly less fat. What’s not to like? This is so tangy, cheesy, and salty. I love it. Olive Garden, we salute you.

Wavy Lay’s Cuban Sandwich Potato Chips

I spent the bulk of my childhood in South Florida, and I can confirm that these new Lay’s chips taste like a Cuban sandwich. Obviously not exactly like a Cuban sandwich, but they are a very good potato chip approximation. You get the dill of the pickle, some mustard-y zip, and some meat-like savoriness. We got these as a promo item, but I would definitely buy them in the future.

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Trader Joe’s Cheddar Jalapeño Pull Apart Bread

This is one of the best new Trader Joe’s products in a while. The bread is soft and doughy. It’s packed with cheese and jalapeños. I can’t even begin to imagine how delicious this would be dipped into chili. Go buy this before TikTok find out about it and it sells out.

Ben & Jerry’s Thick Mint Topped Ice Cream

First thing’s first, the name of this Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is sexy. More importantly, it tastes delicious. Structurally, it could be a little easier to eat, but I don’t really care. Whoever on the B&J team decided their ice cream needed more stuff in it is a genius and I want to give them a little kiss.

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