Best Yogurt and Granola Pairings

Finding the perfect yogurt and granola pairings is the key to a lifetime of perfect breakfasts. Add some fresh fruit—halved strawberries, blueberries, or sliced banana—and what do you have? A damn parfait, that’s what. Sure, you could sprinkle whichever granola you have in the pantry on whichever yogurt you happen to have in the fridge, but we think you should opt for the best yogurt and granola pairings. Your house is now a fancy café. You’re welcome!

Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola + Oikos Lemon Meringue

I’m a newly converted citrus pie lover. The tart curd filling pairs so beautifully with the flaky pastry crust, and this yogurt and granola pairing is sort of a dupe for that experience. See, Purely Elizabeth’s Ancient Grain granola is sweet and crunchy and really tastes homemade, the perfect complement to a tart, tangy yogurt that truly tastes like pie filling, according to Sporked‘s taste testers. Yes, this happens to be our top rated flavored yogurt and our top rated granola, but they really do make an unbelievable pair.

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Nature’s Path Organic Ancient Grains Probiotic Granola + Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk Probiotic Vanilla Yogurt

If you eat yogurt in the a.m. to get your probiotics in, this is the yogurt and granola pairing for you. Nature’s Path probiotic granola is a “textural wonderland,” according to our taste testers, thanks to ancient grains like spelt, quinoa, amaranth, and khorasan wheat. Pile these nice, big chunks of granola atop Stonyfield probiotic yogurt. Even if you’re a Greek yogurt loyalist, you should give this vanilla yogurt a shot. As Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling said, This is a yogurt you can look forward to eating to start your day”—especially if you pair it with Nature’s Path granola. Your stomach will thank you for this double dose of probiotics.

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Wallaby Aussie Greek Style Plain + Simply Nature Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

Hey, what’s up, chocolate lover. This pairing is for you. Simply Nature Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt granola has a rich cocoa flavor, a little bit of bitterness, and a touch of salinity from the sea salt that makes it all the more complex. And this Greek yogurt isn’t flavored, but it has a touch of vanilla sweetness that perfectly complements the bitterness of the chocolate granola. Together, this duo is sweet, creamy, and complex. A perfect yogurt and granola pairing.

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Kiss My Keto Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips Granola + Two Good Vanilla Greek Yogurt

I don’t follow a keto diet (mainly because I don’t really follow any diet), but I do respect delicious yogurt and granola pairings, especially when they happen to be keto so more people can enjoy them. I’m also a peanut butter and chocolate fiend, so Kiss my Keto Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips Granola is the keto granola for me. On its own, it lacks sweetness (it’s low sugar and doesn’t rely as heavily on artificial sweeteners as other keto granolas), so Two Good Vanilla Greek Yogurt is a good match. Where other keto yogurts can be chalky and fake tasting, this one is sweet and creamy and the taste of artificial sweeteners doesn’t linger. If you avoid sugar, try this yogurt and granola pairing.

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