Valentine’s Day Treats We Spotted at Big Lots

I was at Big Lots the other day and like any retail store, it had a whole section of Valentine’s Day candy and goodies. I made my way over to see what I could find, even though I am incredibly single. Hey, who says I can’t buy a little Valentine’s Day gift for myself? Or at least take a picture of one and post “me and who” on my Instagram story. Anyway, if you find yourself in need of a Valentine’s Day treat for your honey or yourself, here are a few good things I spotted when I was looking for Big Lots Valentine’s Day goodies.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts Valentine’s Candy Box

We’re starting off with the best find. This is for peanut butter lovers. This is for Reese’s lovers. There are 48 Reese’s Hearts in here (and Reese’s Hearts happen to be among the Sporked team’s favorite varieties of Valentine’s Day candy). This is for people who want to wow! If you get me this, I will propose on the spot. Well, after I have a dozen or so peanut butter hearts.

Dunkin’ Donut-Flavored Filled Chocolates Heart Box

If your relationship isn’t at the “give 48 Reese’s peanut butter hearts” stage or your special someone doesn’t like peanut butter (unimaginable but I share my sympathy), then this is the Big Lots Valentine’s Day find for you. Put the regular ol’ box of chocolates down, we’re getting crazy up in here! Boston Kreme-flavored chocolates? Honestly, I’m about to buy a box for myself just to test them out.

Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts

They’ve gone and Gen Z’d conversation hearts and I don’t know how to feel about it. What I do know is that these would be perfect as a way to break the tension about the day with your situationship. Don’t know if you should call them your partner? Give them a bowlful of “GOAT” conversation hearts instead—it’s the next best thing!

Haribo Valentine Exchange Goldbears Gummies

Just like Dollar Tree, where I previously went looking for Valentine’s Day goodies, Big Lots Valentine’s Day section has a number of card-candy combos meant to be given out at school or the office, but this is the best of them, hands down. Everyone loves Haribo and at the same time no one will think of bringing them to the exchange, so grab these to be unique (and incredibly popular).

Life Savers Gummies Wild Berries Message Hearts & Rings Valentine’s Day Candy

As much as I gushed over the box of 48 Reese’s Hearts, these may be the best Big Lots Valentine’s Day treat of them all. Is your significant other your “lifesaver”? This is a sweet (and chewy) way to tell them. This bag of gummies comes with rings and gummy conversation hearts? If I had to buy one thing for Valentine’s Day, it’d be this!

M&M’s Cupid’s Mix Milk Chocolate Candies

Unfortunately, the only thing that differentiates these M&M’s from regular M&M’s is their V-Day-colored candy shells, but that makes them perfect for a batch of homemade M&M’s cookies to impress your honey.

Junior Mints Valentine Theater Box

I would normally be opposed to giving a regular old box of candy to someone, but if there’s one thing about people who love Junior Mints, it’s that they’re freaks about it. You can’t love Junior Mints at any level but the absolute maximum, so I trust the Junior Mints freak in your life will be willing to look past the lackluster packaging. This is the perfect Big Lots Valentine’s Day gift to sneak into the movies.

The Perfect Man Hot Chocolate Bomb

This hot chocolate bomb is the perfect gift for anyone spending the day with the gals for Galentine’s Day. Throw together some gift baskets for your pals and include one of these in each! It’s a hunk of chocolate that is quite literally a hunk.

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