The Future Is Here and So Are Color-Changing Marshmallows

We thought the CPG world had already thrown everything at us. Between dream-flavored Coca-Cola, Most Oreo Oreos, Figgy Pudding SPAM, and hot dog flavored Candy Corn, we here at Sporked assumed we’d seen it all. This is until we heard the news from Jet-Puffed about this year’s summer offering. And it’s not a fun new flavor of marshmallows or marshmallow stuffed with chocolate (been there done that). It is, in fact, color-changing marshmallows.  

Color-changing marshmallows? WHAT?! How? And once again WHAT?!!

Yes, you heard me, Jet-Puffed Color Changers just launched in time for the summer s’mores season. They come as a bag of normal, s’mores-sized pink and blue marshmallows, but then here’s the kicker. Once you start roasting them, after about ten seconds, the blue ones will turn bright green and the pink ones will turn bright orange. At first, I was skeptical. Of course a blue marshmallow that’s been browned over a fire would look greenish, while a pink marshmallow would look orange-ish. Then I saw the picture of them and there is definitely more going on here than purely a Maillard reaction (the fancy French word for when you cook something and it browns). These puppies have something in them that makes them go from one bright, vibrant color to another, and, let me tell, you I am here for it. As someone whose favorite flavor is blue raspberry, you already know bright, inedible-looking food colors do not bother me, in fact, I embrace them as a fun way for humankind to defy nature. Take that, nature, I just ate something that was blue and then it was green. Humans are powerful that way.

You can find these color-changing marshmallows now at stores nationwide for $2.99 and they should be readily available for all of your color changing s’mores needs all the way through September. So if you are like me and you need s’more whimsy in your life, go try these this summer!

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