This New Oreo Flavor Is a Lot (Literally)

Well, my dudes, there is officially a new Oreo flavor out there. And no, I didn’t guess it right this time either. But, to be fair, I don’t think anyone could have seen this one coming. Why’s that? Because it is literally just the most Oreo per Oreo that Oreo has ever given us. No Brookie flavor, no Mocha Caramel Latte, no Peeps, no Swedish Fish, no gimmick—just more Oreo. So much Oreo, in fact, that the flavor is called “The Most Oreo Oreo.” Yes, that is actually the flavor name. I am as flabbergasted as I am intrigued.

So…what makes this new Oreo flavor the Most Oreo Oreo? Wouldn’t normal, classic Oreos be the most Oreo Oreo?

To this, I say yes and no. While I do agree that classic Oreos are the most Oreo Oreo in terms of identity and form, I think these new Oreos are in fact the most Oreo Oreo in terms of sheer amount of Oreo per Oreo. Why’s that? Because they are Oreos with roughly a metric shit ton of cookies-and-cream filling. That’s right, they are essentially Triple Stuf (Mega Stuf?) Oreos, but the creme has crushed-up Oreo cookies in it. That’s like three times more Oreo per Oreo as compared to a classic Oreo. As a fan of extremely stuffed Oreos, I am dying to try these. I want to take three of them and combine them so it’s a nine-tuple Oreo (I’d call that the “Oreo-stess with the Ore-mostest”), or mash some of these into cookies and cream ice cream to make the most cookies and cream cookies and cream ice cream this world ever did see. And this may all seem so sugary that my head may or may not implode, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

As for where to get them, they hit stores starting yesterday (January 30), but are only around for a limited time, so if you want to try them and you happen to see them, I say grab ‘em, because who knows when/if we will see these beauties again. As for my guess of what the next Oreo flavor will be, I don’t know—Margarita? Ube? Snickers? If I guess enough times, statistically speaking, I have to get it right someday.

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Jessica Block is a freelance contributor to Sporked, a comedian, a baker, a food writer, and a firm believer that Trader Joe's may just be the happiest place on earth. She loves spicy snacks, Oreos, baking bread, teeny tiny avocados, and trying new foods whenever she can. Also, if you give her a bag of Takis she will be your best friend.

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