I Went to Dollar Tree to Shop for Dinner, Here’s What I Bought

I love Dollar Tree and am thrilled that I get to share my Dollar Tree haul with Sporked readers. It’s a great store if you like saving money and you like surprises! Not all Dollar Tree stores have the same products and individual stores don’t even necessarily have the same products every week. It feels like a dinner-themed scavenger hunt each time I go.

I whipped up this list of Dollar Tree recipes I created the last time I went shopping. These two-ingredient recipes taste delicious, are affordable, and cook up with little time and/or effort. Buy these items the next time you’re at Dollar Tree or use this as inspiration for your own Dollar Tree recipes. Happy shopping!

Dried Lentils & Ro-tel Canned Tomatoes & Green Chilies

My mom has been making this meal my entire life and I stand by it to this day. In a pot, add lentils, a can of Ro-tel, and enough water to cover the lentils. Cook until the lentils are tender. All you have to do is stir occasionally and add more water if needed. It is so cheap and quick to make while still being absolutely delicious and super filling. You can make a huge pot of this or just a few servings. It’s so easy to customize with whatever else you have on hand. You can add other veggies or ground meat and pretty much any type of seasoning. We keep it simple and eat it like soup paired with dinner rolls. If you make it less soupy, it makes a great taco filling and is delicious served over rice. If you’re considering making only one of these Dollar Tree recipes, make this one!

El Monterey Bean & Cheese XXLarge Burrito & Velveeta Jalapeno Cheese Sauce Packet

This is not a healthy meal, but it’s craveable and satisfying. The secret to this two-ingredient recipe is to cook your frozen bean burrito in the air fryer, in a skillet, or in the oven—not the microwave. You need the tortilla to get nice and crispy. It will perfectly contrast the creamy Velveeta cheese sauce. It’s like a really cheap chimichanga and I love it.

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Bibigo Steamed Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings & Kendale Farm Chicken Broth

Here’s a great and easy version of wonton soup. Heat up the broth, microwave the dumplings per the package instructions, and then combine! You will not miss takeout. I promise! Oh, and did I mention that these are the best frozen soup dumplings you can buy? Add these items to your Dollar Tree haul the next time you’re shopping and thank me later.

Banquet Turkey Pot Pie & Margaret Holmes Canned Tomatoes, Okra, and Corn

I know these are supposed to be two-ingredient recipes, but this is more of a two-ingredient pairing. This is one of our favorite frozen pot pie options, so I was thrilled to see that they sell it at Dollar Tree. I also love this blend of tomatoes, okra, and corn as a side dish. It’s so hearty and filling and adds some additional vegetables to your meal. This is the perfect cozy, cold-weather dinner.

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  • I love that canned tomato, okra, corn mix. I like to mix it into cooked or instant rice with some Cajun seasoning & a protein for a faux Jambalaya. It’s a great filling dinner for one & can easily be vegetarian/vegan or not. Definitely recommend trying it.