Fun Fall Baking Mixes We Haven’t Tasted Yet, but Sure Want To!

Fall is all about baking. The weather is finally cool enough to turn on your oven! Since it’s just barely the start of the season, we haven’t had the chance to bake up all the fall baking mixes on the market. We have, however, curated this list of delicious-looking fall baking mixes we absolutely want to try as soon as the leaves start to turn orange and brown. If you try them, let us know in the comments!

Great Value Fall Cranberry Orange Muffin & Quick Bread Mix

I think cranberry-orange is an extremely underrated holiday flavor combination. Pumpkin spice gets all the attention, but cranberry-orange is much more nuanced and delicate. The orange is citrusy and sweet. The cranberry is tangy. This combination in a muffin is heaven. Plus, I’d trust Great Value with my life because their products are almost always delicious.

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Calhoun Bend Mill Apple Crisp Mix

This is one of the fall baking mixes I am most excited about. You add fresh apples to this and with little thought and effort, you get a freshly baked apple crisp. Top it with some vanilla ice cream and you’ll have a dish that feels like a completely homemade dessert fit for company.

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Williams Sonoma Gooey Pumpkin Bar Baking Mix

I will buy anything with the word “gooey” in the title. Gooey?! Yum! It’s such a descriptive word that tells me whatever I’m about to consume will be sensationally moist. This Williams Sonoma Gooey Pumpkin Bar Baking Mix sounds perfect for eating after putting on your Peanuts pajamas and cuddling up on the couch.

Lilly Bean Pumpkin Caramel Gluten Free Cupcake Mix

Gluten intolerant? Don’t worry! There are delicious fall baking mixes for you, too, like this Lilly Bean Pumpkin Caramel Cupcake Mix. Vanilla bean, pumpkin, and caramel already sound good separately, so can you imagine how delicious they must be when you put them together?

Funfetti Slime Brownie Mix with Candy Bits

If you’re looking for a Halloween baking mix, this one looks great. Calling a green food slime is so fun and exactly the kind of marketing I’m into. And who doesn’t love brownies? A frosted brownie is next level and perfect for a sweets-focused holiday like Halloween.

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