How to Sooth a Holiday Hangover

As the holidays approach, alcohol consumption seems to increase. Whether it’s to make the season more bearable or people are simply getting all wrapped up in holiday cheer, I’m not one to judge. My role is to help you survive these trying times. No one loves a hangover, so here are some Sporked-approved holiday hangover helpers to help you get through the worst of the day-after doldrums (Also, always drink responsibly! If you’re struggling with substance abuse issues, call 1-800-662-4357.)

Liquid IV Lemon Lime

Liquid IV is a go-to dehydration fighter. Whether you choose to take it before or after the celebrations, you decide. For what it’s worth, Liquid IV recommends both. I suppose that does double their sales. Whichever method you choose, be sure to give their lemon lime flavor a try. Not only does it have a great taste a lot like classic Gatorade, it’s also the flavor Sporked managing editor Gwynedd Stuart said would go best with a bit of tequila to really make for a wild night.

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Stumptown Original Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee is a lifesaver in many situations, but the added jolt of caffeine it delivers can really be a savior during a hangover. Put some pep in your step by stocking up on a few bottles of Stumptown Original Cold Brew Coffee before you get the night started. Stumptown has a nice, bold flavor that really tastes fresh from the coffee shop—which comes in handy when your body can’t physically muster the energy to go to the coffee shop.

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Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted Thick Sliced White Bread

If you fear you might go to hard at the office Christmas party, bread is one of the best foods to have on hand. Need something soft and squishy to settle your stomach at the end of your night. Grab a slice of bread. Need some nice plain toast to ease into your queasy stomach in the morning? Bread’s there for you, baby. Nature’s Own Thick Sliced white bread is perfect for the job because it’s super thick, super soft, lightly sweet, and has a mild flavor that won’t further upset your delicate stomach.

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DiGiorno Four Cheese Frozen Pizza on a Crispy Pan Crust

Speaking of taking care of your stomach, frozen pizza might just be the best food for either a late night drinking sesh or an early morning hangover battle. It delivers a (fairly) well-rounded meal in an easy slice and it fills you up so you’re not running on empty. You may be worried about putting a Detroit style pizza into your stomach as opposed to thin crust, but even though we can’t promise you this hangover soother won’t make you ralph, we can promise you that it tastes good!

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C20 Coconut Water

If I had to limit my hangover cures to one option, I’d probably go with coconut water. Looking beyond the natural electrolytes it delivers, it just feels like the best option. Think of how immediately relieving it is to chug a glass of coconut water. C20 coconut water was a standout in our taste test for its refreshing and balanced nature. Full of flavor and nutrients without weighing you down in the process. Buy a case of these before the holidays roll around so you’ll be well prepared!

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