6 Jell-O Flavors That Should Exist

Jell-O. The jiggly wiggly snack/dessert that can (arguably) dance better than you can. Jell-O is one of those things I feel like most people don’t mind (unless it’s savory, then everyone minds a lot), but very few people love, and here’s where I step in. These are six new Jell-O flavors that should exist, and I firmly believe that if Jell-O went and produced these flavors there would be more diehard Jell-O lovers in this world. Anyhoo, let’s get into some jiggly, jiggly Jell-O flavors.


I looked into it a bit, and Jell-O actually used to have a Peach Passion Fruit flavor, which they introduced in 1996 as part of their “Tropical Blends” line and then discontinued shortly thereafter. Well, I say bring it back! Or, really, just bring back a passionfruit flavor in general. I have had passionfruit jelly other places before and, hoooo boi, does it work well. Just do it, Jell-O. I believe in you.

Lychee White Nectarine

You know those little lychee jelly cups you get at the Asian grocery store? Those but with some refreshing nectarine flavor thrown in would absoLUTLEY make my summer. Don’t you want to make my summer, Jell-O? Pretty please?

Cucumber Lime

Yes, exactly (and I mean egg-ZACH-ly) like the Gatorade flavor. Put it in a Jell-O cup and I would buy the heck out of this. Or, better yet, sell it as an instant Jell-O powder so people can turn it into the world’s most refreshing Jell-O shots. mmmMMM throw some mint in there? Ugh, amazing.


Coffee jelly is a thing around the world but is particularly popular in Japan, so this is not a groundbreaking new idea and I get that. But hear me out: I don’t want to have to worry about making coffee in the morning. I want Jell-O to make me a caffeinated Jell-O cup (or powder) so I can slurp my morning coffee down without the mess. It would just be convenient, really, and I think Jell-O should do us an (admittedly jiggly) solid and create this flavor.

Blue Raspberry

Did you really think I was going to leave this off? They GOTS to make a blue raspberry. In fact, why the heck haven’t they? Do they have a flavor called “Berry Blue” that I haven’t tried and would maybe be the exact flavor I’m looking for? Yes. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that Starburst literally has a blue raspberry flavor (that they call blue raspberry) while Jell-O, the king of all things wobbly and gelatinous, doesn’t have one? This seems wrong.

Mystery Flavor

Dum Dums does it, Airheads does it, Oreo does it, Twizzlers does it—everybody is doing it, Jell-O. And if there’s one thing I learned in middle school, it’s that if everybody is doing it, you should, too. So get out there and make a mystery flavor! Mix all of your glorious fruit Jell-O flavors together, add some color (or don’t), and plop it into some Jell-O cups for us (the consumers) to taste, and guess what jelly-licious fruits went into the mix that day. Trust me, people love this stuff. I love this stuff. And I love you Jell-O so please try out some of these flavors so even more people can send you their love.

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