Lunchables Is Releasing Dunkables (aka Lunchables You Dunk)

Well, would ya look at this. Just when you thought Lunchables couldn’t get any more innovative, they went and dropped the next generation of Lunchables right in our proverbial compartmentalized lunchboxes. That’s right, we are getting a new iteration of Lunchables. And it isn’t just a fancy charcuterie Lunchable for adults (please give us this, @lunchables, I’m begging you, take my money). It isn’t a new hot offering, like the Lunchables microwaveable grilled cheese that recently came out. And it’s not just Lunchables with a side of fresh produce, like they released earlier this year. No, this new product is called Lunchables Dunkables, and it’s all about dippin’ stuff into stuff.

What stuff are we dipping? And into what stuff are we dipping that stuff? Do Lunchables Dunkables have multiple dipping stuffs or just a single dipping stuff?

All great questions (and very eloquently wordsmithed, I might add). It would seem that each Lunchables Dunkables pack comes with one stuff to dip and two stuffs to dip into, and there are three varieties: Pretzel Twists with PB Spread & Choco Chips, Mozza Sticks with Marinara & Breadcrumbs, and Chicken Poppers with Ranch & Ketchup-Style Dip. First of all, “Chicken Poppers with Ranch & Ketchup-Style Dip” has “chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch” energy, so I wonder if that particular flavor was based on Taylor Swift’s Chiefs game meal of choice. We may never know. But speculation aside, I am a little concerned about how a couple of these offerings will taste when they are served at the Lunchable chefs’ recommended temperature—that is to say, straight-out-of-the-fridge cold. An ice-cold mozzarella stick dipped in marinara sauce and breadcrumbs? I have zero standards and I feel like even I could say no to that one. That’s like a deconstructed, uncooked, and chilled chicken parm minus the chicken. The Pretzel Twist Lunchables with peanut butter and chocolate honestly seems like it would be kind of amazing, while the chicken one feels like it really should be heat-upable. I just have a hard time believing that cold Lunchables chicken nuggs dipped in ranch and seemingly ketchup (what does “ketchup-style dip” even mean? why isn’t it just ketchup???) could be a culinary revelation.

But maybe I’m being closed minded. Maybe this trio is about to be the unsung hero of the modern workday. Maybe kids and adults everywhere are about to live that Dunkables life. Only time will tell. These bad boys (or good boys; too early to make a call) are out in stores now, so try one if you dare. And if you do try one, please let me know how it is!

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