M&M’s Flavors That Should Exist

I don’t know if there is any candy out there more classic than M&M’s. From the shape to the color to the guest appearances on both a piano keyboard and a pizza in The Princess Diaries, M&Ms are iconic through and through. But they’ve been branching out beyond classic milk chocolate and hard candy shell for a while now, giving us flavors like Fudge Brownie, Thai Coconut Peanut, Mexican Jalapeño Peanut, Key Lime Pie, and more. (We even ranked the best M&M’s flavors.) Do they have a lot of flavors now? Yes. Am I satisfied with that and ready to let them give up and stop producing new ones? No, never, not a chance. Here are the new M&M’s flavors I think should come next.

Dark Chocolate Orange

On behalf of chocolate orange lovers everywhere, I am offended that this hasn’t already happened. They hath given us Mint M&M’s and Raspberry dark chocolate M&M’s, but wherefore art the orange? Yes, they have made Orange Vanilla Creme white chocolate M&M’s that have been around off and on since 2018, but never a chocolate orange one and that seems like a miss to me. Fix it, Mr. M&M’s, sir!

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Coconut Caramel Cookie

Now you might be thinking, wait, aren’t those just Samoa-flavored M&M’s? To which I would say, yes, absolutely, that is exactly what they’d be and I think it would be grand. They’ve done coconut (with peanut, but still), they have done Caramel, and they have done Crunchy Cookie—now they just need to combine them all and give us (essentially) new Samoa-flavored M&M’s. Heck while they are at it why not a whole line of Girl Scout Cookie M&M’s flavors? Just a thought 👀

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Churros y Chocolate

This is one of the new M&M’s flavors that would absolutely rock my world. Picture dark chocolate churro flavored M&M’s, and a potential churro piece in the center that is the same consistency as the Fudge Brownie center (which rules) but vanilla and cinnamon flavored. Apparently, cinnamon is a flavor M&M’s has released in the past, but it was a bit weak in the cinnamon department. The cinnamon-y chocolate plus the churro center of this new M&M’s flavor would more than make up for that lack of cinnamon in the last iteration.

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White Chocolate Fruity Pebbles

Yes, exactly like the candy bar, but in M&M’s form so they have a nice pebbly crunch to them. Just Imagine an M&M that tastes like cereal milk, vague “fruit,” and caveman cartoon dreams. I don’t usually buy M&M’s, but I would go out of my way to get these new M&M’s.

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Dark Chocolate Açai

Picture this: an empty stage, a single spotlight, no frills, just a single purple M&M in the very center looking ever so professional. Now imagine that this M&M is dark chocolate with a shattery purple outside shell and an ooey-gooey, jammy açai center. These would taste a lot like those Brookside candies but with a softer center and a crispier outside. A textural journey told through the medium of chocolate, if you will (and I will).

Lemon Cookie

These would be flavored a lot like the Lemon Crisp Kit Kats that came out this year. This king of new M&M’s flavors would contain white chocolate (they have done Key Lime and Orange Creme in the past, so this would not be a stretch) and it would have to have a chewy bit of lemon cookie in the middle—again, the same consistency as the Fudge Brownie center but bursting with lemony goodness instead of chocolatey goodness.

Alright Mr. M&M’s sir, go make it happen! My virtual pen and I are ready to spill the tea…and M&M’s.

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