All the New Frito-Lay Snacks Coming in 2024

Frito-Lay has been absolutely blessing us with new flavors this year. There are almost too many to keep up with, between an IHOP-inspired flavor, Buffalo Cheetos, Baja Blast-inspired Doritos, and even more! But Frito-Lay isn’t done just yet, as we recently learned that there are even more flavors to get excited about coming later this year thanks to information shared with super-soda-spy-turned-snack-sleuth Team Supernova—including a very surprising collaboration that college students might get excited about! 

New Lay’s, Smartfood Popcorn, and Cornpoppers

We start off with a few drops that should be starting to hit shelves now. First, Baked Lay’s lovers will be thrilled to know that Lay’s Baked Salt & Vinegar is making its way to shelves now, along with a new flavor of PopCorners (Jalapeño Popper) and a new flavor of Smartfood Popcorn (Cheddar BBQ)!

Also hitting stores now: Honey Butter Lay’s, inspired by the flavors of Korea, are dropping now at Costco (thanks to @Markie_devo for that report). And our sources tell us that later this year, they will be available outside of Costco as well. 

Ketchup and Mustard Doritos return 

Up next in the exciting world of Frito-Lay innovation, two returning Doritos flavors: Tangy Ketchup and Hot Mustard Doritos! Barbeques everywhere are saved, because both flavors are returning to shelves this summer between June and July. If you loved them like 73% of readers did, get hyped. 

Even more new Lay’s

If none of that quite tickles your fancy, no worries because we aren’t done just yet. Have you ever found yourself having some tzatziki sauce and thought to yourself, “I’d love to see this as a flavor of Lay’s,” I have fantastic news for you, my friend. Frito-Lay is making that dream a reality in the form of Lay’s Wavy Tzatziki chips. I am told that these will be coming out later on this year when the Honey Butter Lay’s hit shelves, as well. 

New Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

I am a huge fan of anything Flamin’ Hot. Yes, including Flamin’ Hot Mtn Dew, and I am prepared to engage in an epic debate to convince you that it is one of the greatest flavors of Mtn Dew to grace our taste buds! But nobody does Flamin’ Hot better than Chester Cheetah. And this time we’re getting hit with a combo that has my mouth watering: Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Cajun Cheddar. YUM! I am an absolutely SUCKER for anything Cajun spiced and I expect those signature Cajun spices to pair BEAUTIFULLY with the cheesiness and heat of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Word on the street is that when these do drop later this year (sources say it’ll happen this fall) that they may be exclusive to Walmart.

The collab you didn’t know you needed

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for—especially if you are a broke college student or looking to recapture the time when you were a broke college student. Maruchan of instant ramen fame is teaming up with Frito-Lay to bring us what is almost certain to be my new favorite snack of the year: Funyuns Maruchan Hot & Spicy Chicken Ramen. Maruchan’s Hot & Spicy ramen is an absolute staple and incorporating those flavors into Funyuns is such a brilliant move that I almost can’t believe we haven’t gotten it before now. 

Back in 2018, there was a similar collab between Top Ramen and Pringles exclusively sold at Dollar General, so I’ll be curious to see how these stack up in comparison. (Pun intended.) These will be hitting shelves in August and as far as we have been told, will not be exclusive to any stores in particular.

There is a LOT to be excited about with all of these exciting flavors. I think I am going to basically be tracking down every single one of these as soon as I can. All that I can say at this point is that Frito-Lay has my attention for Frito-Days!

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