Yes, Hidden Valley Ranch Is Releasing a Cheez-It Flavored Dressing

We’ve all added some shredded cheddar to our ranch-drenched salads before. Maybe you’ve even crushed up some cheese crackers and put them on your salad in lieu of croutons. Or maybe you’re a real wild man and you’ve cut out the salad altogether and dunked cheese crackers directly into ranch dressing as a little snack. If so, we salute you—and also we have good news. Hidden Valley Ranch—a brand that loves a good collab—is releasing the cheesy ranch of your dreams. Sorry, “cheezy” ranch. Specifically, Hidden Valley Ranch Cheez-It Cheezy Ranch.

Say what? What do we know so far about Cheez-It Ranch?

The salad dressing collab to end all salad dressing collabs was first spotted on February 17 by Instagrammer @kdsnackfinds at a Schnucks location (for our fellow non-Midwesterners, that’s a grocery chain with stores in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin). Word started to spread when snack savant @markie_devo posted about the find. A lot of AI-created collabs wind up on social media, but this one’s for real. In fact, it’s one of several new Hidden Valley Ranch flavors that will be hitting stores in March, details forthcoming. Hey, if Hidden Valley and Cheez-It can come together, maybe their Cheezy Ranch can bring this nation together…

From the image of the bottle, all we know so far is that new Hidden Valley Ranch Cheez-It Cheezy Ranch is made with 100% real cheese, is very, very orange—like, straight-up Cheez-It orange—and is “great for dipping.” But what are we gonna dip in Cheez-It ranch? Personally, I’m looking forward to using the Cheezy Ranch dressing as my secret weapon for loaded tots and chicken wings for my personal Super Bowl (it’s just the Oscars). Until these new flavors hit the store, rest assured we here at Sporked will be on the edge of our seat with our salads and wings ready. 

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