The Coolest New Snacks for Back to School Lunchboxes

If you have kids, I’m sure there’s pressure to keep their lunchboxes stuffed with foods that are cool, fun, and healthy. And with new products coming out all the time, how can you possibly keep up with the latest and greatest packaged foods marketed to children? Don’t stress, Sporked is here to help.

This list will keep you from wasting money, food, or time, and guarantees your kid has a lunch full of treats that will make every other kid want to trade with them. And, hey, these snacks make good lunchbox additions for grownups too. Don’t let kids have all the fun.

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Partake’s Mini Cookie Snack Packs hit shelves earlier this year and are the perfect addition to every lunchbox. I say every because these cookies are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, sesame-free, sulfite-free, and mustard-free. Lots of packaged cookies are off the menu for people with common food allergies, so having something like this to grab is a sweet relief for everyone involved.

For the Cereal Lover: Yoplait Cereal Topped Yogurt Cups

Cereal is fun and sprinkling stuff into yogurt is fun, so this must be a blast. Help your kid get some extra calcium and protein by giving them this yogurt that comes with Lucky Charms to sprinkle into it! Not a Lucky Charms fan? Don’t worry, they also come in Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch versions too.

For the Breakfast Obsessed: Eggo Maple Liege Grab & Go Frozen Waffle

Expect to hear “leggo my eggo!” when kids find one of the new Eggo Maple Liege Grab & Go Frozen Waffles in their lunch. Eggo intends for these little waffles to be a “convenient thaw and eat” snack. Just stash this in a lunchbox and it will be ready to eat by snack time.

For the Adventurous Eater: Hen of the Woods Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

If your children have tiny refined palates, try appeasing their sophisticated tastes with this potato chip variety pack from Hen of the Woods. Flavors include Red Wine Vinegar, Buttermilk and Chive, and Carolina BBQ, so you’re getting a new take on some classics you know and love. The most culinarily inclined kids (and adults) will love these!

For the Mini Mastermind: Nabisco Minions Cookies

Your children probably love the Minions. I’m an adult and even I love the Minions. These little cookies come in Stuart, Bob, and Kevin shapes so you or your kids have something to nosh on while hatching evil plots.

For the Fruit Fanatic: Field + Farmer Apple Cinnamon Fresh Snack Bar

Kale and apples come together to make this tasty and nutritious snack. These bars have the fun flavor like Apple Jacks but are packed with more iron, fiber, and potassium. You’ll find these in the refrigerated section, but they can live outside the fridge “for up to 3 days” according to the brand’s website.

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  • This list rules. I pack our kid’s lunches every day and she is definitely the one who would like the bougie chips. Not earth-shattering or original, but doing turkey roll-ups with carb smart tortillas (not as thick) has been a game changer for us this early in the school year.

  • I’ve been eyeing those waffles for like three months, I need to just check them out.