Updates on Pepsi’s Upcoming April 2024 Flavors

Patriotic Mountain Dew. K-Wave Coke. The soda world is rife with experimental flavors beyond my taste buds’ wildest dreams, and Pepsi-Cola is no exception. Pepsi has soda-ifed everything from hot chocolate to apple pie to Peeps, and it seems like more is on table for sodafication. According to soda-news savant, @teamsupernovafb, Pepsi is coming out with a few new flavors this April. As for what those flavors are…well, that decision’s been a predicament for Pepsi.

What are Pepsi’s new flavors?

Let’s track this story. As of October 2023, all we were expecting by the end of April was Pepsi Tempo: allegedly lime-flavored, reportedly both in full sugar and zero sugar versions, and coming in both 12 packs and 20 oz bottles. Then November came around and two newcomers were added to the idea board: Pepsi Peach and Pepsi Watermelon. Unlike Pepsi Tempo, these flavors weren’t conceptual and reportedly not going to be available in a zero sugar option.

However, Pepsi has shaken things up EVEN more and recently decided to scrap Pepsi Watermelon post trial run, and put out Pepsi Lime—a flavor that has had a few previous limited edition runs—instead. While nothing notable has been reported on the status of Pepsi Tempo, I can’t help but wonder if the reintroduction of Pepsi Lime could be a soft exile of Pepsi Tempo. Maybe it’s just my reality TV infected brain that has put me in a drama-creating headspace, but I can’t help but worry when I see two girls showing up to prom in the same outfit. Someone is going to have to go home and change, and I can’t tell if it’s going to be the cult-class Pepsi Lime, or the sleek, futuristic enigma of Pepsi Tempo. 

More realistically, Pepsi probably saw people demanding the return of Pepsi Lime, originally made Tempo to somewhat fulfill those demands, and then added the actual Pepsi Lime so that the demand for lime was met twice as hard. I guess that’s a fine story….but if there DOES end up being some drama you can rest assured I will be on the scene!

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