Is a New Purple M&M About to Drop? The Internet Thinks So

Are we getting a new purple M&M?! Or a new flavor? Or a new flavor that is also purple? A recent Instagram post (that has suspiciously been removed) on M&M’s official account has the internet buzzing about a possible new flavor and/or color of M&M. The post was a video that read “something new is coming” in flashing letters, followed by the date, September 13, 2022. Dun da dun!

What “new” thing is M&Ms about to drop?! And why does everyone think it will be purple? 

Allow me to don my detective hat and trench coat, because today, we’re solving a mystery—or at least trying to. Here’s what we know so far, dear Watson: The caption of the now-removed post prompted viewers to pause the video for clues as to what is being released next week. So viewers did—and many noticed that the words were flashing in the classic M&M colors, red, green, yellow, blue, and brown, plus one intriguing new addition: purple. Prince would be proud!

The post was among several other posts from the past week teasing a new addition to the M&M’s gang, like this one:

And this one:

But other than teasing the “big news,” these posts don’t offer any further clues as to what that news might be. 

Purple M&M’s don’t seem entirely outside the realm of possibility. We know people can already order custom purple M&M’s, and the M&M color already exists in the recently released Mad Scientist Pack. So it wouldn’t be TOO shocking if the company decided to add a purple M&M to their standard lineup. As Mashed points out, the company is about two decades overdue for a new M&M color. The last new color, blue, was released in 1995. It was chosen based on the results of a public poll—people had to call a 1-800 number to vote—what a time to be alive!

If it’s a new flavor of M&M’s, people are naturally assuming that it will be purple in color, prompting some to guess it will be berry, grape, or PB&J-flavored. I personally think there’s a good chance it will be a blackberry flavor. Or maybe M&M’s is hopping on the mystery flavor trend, following in the footsteps of MTN Dew and Mystery Airheads? Guess we’ll find out next week! Either way, excited to make it (purple) rain M&Ms.

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