New Year, New Food!

You don’t need to explain to us why you’re here. You could be turning your back on meat for good or you could just be vegan curious. You might be a devoted member of the church of keto or you could just be in the market for a low-carb snack. Maybe you’re cutting out the booze entirely or maybe you’re just looking for something to make Dry January suck just a little bit less. Whatever the case, we’ve got products for you.

Keto Foods

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Best Keto Desserts

The best keto desserts are low in sugar, high in fat, and, ideally, don’t taste absolutely terrible. Here are our top three picks.

Best Keto Yogurt

The best keto yogurt is thick, creamy, and doesn’t taste artificial. Sadly, that’s hard to find! But we tried three that we stand behind.

Best Keto Bars

If writer Jordan Myrick, a keto-hating, carb-loving sugar monster, could like these bars, anyone doing the keto diet will enjoy them too.

Best Keto Ice Cream

We tried more than a dozen keto pints and bars to find out if any come close to the real deal.

Best Keto Cereal

One brand impressed the hell out of us.

Non-Alcoholic Options

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer
Credit: Ryan Martin

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer

We found some of the best non-alcoholic brewskies out there.

Best Non-Alcoholic Whiskey

The best non-alcoholic whiskeys to mix into cocktails and one or two that are good enough to drink neat.

Best Canned Mocktails

You won’t miss the booze with these 12 canned mocktails.

Rhett & Link’s Top Non-Alcoholic Wines

The boys from Good Mythical Morning tasted a selection of non-alcoholic wines, here’s how they ranked them.

Plant-Based Meats

best plant-based bacon
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Best Vegan Chicken Nuggets

Find out which meat-free chicken nuggets on the market are perfect to crush your fast food cravings vs. which ones taste like tofu gone wrong. 

Best Plant-Based Meatballs

We gathered as many plant-based meatballs as we could find to put together an ultimate vegan meatball taste test. 

Best Plant-Based Bacon

Plant-based bacons have come a long way. Here are the four best you can buy.

Best Vegan Hot Dogs

Check out the four best vegan hot dogs on the market right now.

Best Vegan Sausage

Good news: Bad plant-based sausages are a thing of the past.

Vegan Dairy Alternatives

Best Vegan Shredded Cheese
Merc / Instacart / Trader Joe’s

Best Vegan Cheese

The Sporked team sat down to try an array of “cheeses.” We tried them plain, we tried some on crackers, and we did some melt tests as well. 

Best Vegan Shredded Cheese

To help you steer clear of not-so-great faux cheeses, we tried 14 different top-selling, nationally available brands to find the best, most cheese-like vegan shredded cheese.

Best Vegan Butter

Plant-based butter doesn’t have to taste like vegetable margarine. These five tasted like real butter.

Best Vegan Sour Cream

If you are desperate for a dairy-free alternative to sour cream, these are the four best vegan sour creams we could find.

Best Vegan Ice Cream

The Sporked team sidled up to the tasting table and sampled every base, mix-in, and flavor you can think of.

Best Vegan Cream Cheese

Don’t give up bagels and cream cheese just because you’re going vegan.

Best Vegan Mayo

These mayos simply rocked our world and made us wonder if we will ever buy non-vegan mayo again.

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