Is Peanut Butter Better? We Tried the New Oreo Cakesters

Oreo Cakesters are not nostalgic for me. The Cakester, aka Nabisco’s take on a whoopie pie, was originally released in 2007, when I was an adult lady who’d aged out of lunch box snacks. While their 2012 discontinuation rocked the world of middle schoolers everywhere, it barely registered with me. But I get it. People who were kids in the aughts love these shits. They’re like Oreos but instead of being small, hard, and dry they’re big, soft, and less dry (but definitely still dry)—and they’re back. In 2022, after the internet convinced Nabisco that a revival was due, Oreo Cakesters returned to shelves in their original form (cocoa cookie with vanilla creme). Even more recently, Cakesters returned in another flavor from the aughts: peanut butter. I tried them to find out if they’re good even if you don’t have an emotional connection to them.

peanut butter oreo cakesters

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Peanut Butter Oreo Cakesters

There’s something pretty satisfying about the squish of Oreo Cakesters. The texture reminds me of cheap packaged brownies (in a good way). But these weren’t a hit with the rest of the Sporked crew.

Pros: If you like soft-batch cookies, you’ll probably like these, although they’re much less sweet than many packaged cookies and snack cakes, which I personally appreciate. I’m also into the fact that they come in a two-pack, which seems like a nice serving size.

Cons: As my colleague Jordan Myrick pointed out, Oreo Cakesters should still taste like Oreos, and the these Peanut Butter Cakesters just don’t really pull that off. In fact, they don’t taste like much of anything. The cookie doesn’t have a lot of cocoa flavor and the grainy peanut butter creme doesn’t taste enough like peanut butter. We all agreed these would be way better if they were filled with peanut butter instead of peanut butter creme. I wouldn’t throw these in the trash if someone handed me a pack, but there are a lot of snack cakes at the grocery store I’d choose over these.




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  • I just fell to my knees in Walmart because why’d they go and ruin perfection. I love peanut butter but you don’t mess with the cakester