Rhett & Link Try Oreo Flavors from Around the World

On a new episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link found out how the cookie crumbles in an International Oreo Taste Test. Rhett & Link have tried Oreo-flavored snacks in the past, but this taste test was different. This time around, they tried five fascinating flavors of Oreos from across the world and attempted to pinpoint where they came from (spoiler: one is from right here in the U.S.). How did they do? Let’s find out.

Blackpink Oreos

Country of Origin: South Korea

These Oreos are part of a promo for K-pop girl group Blackpink and were released in April 2023. They consist of a normal Oreo cookie with strawberry creme (though a variant exists with a pink cookie and dark chocolate creme). Rhett & Link agreed that the filling does, in fact, taste like strawberry. According to Link, “It’s sweet, it’s fruity, it’s out there!” That led him to believe that these came from an Asian country, which won him the round. 

Oreos Alfajores

Country of Origin: Argentina

The Alfajor Oreo is like the Big Mac of the Oreo world. It has three layers and it’s coated in fudge. “It’s softer,” Rhett remarked about the texture in relation to a typical Oreo. He added that the flavor is like “if you were to take a German chocolate cake and make it into an Oreo.” Unfortunately, his geographical thinking was all wrong. This Oreo is based on alfajores, which are Argentinian sandwich cookies.

Peach Blossom Rice Wine Oreos

Country of Origin: China

This limited edition seasonal flavor was released exclusively in China. Rhett excitedly told Link, “It smells exactly like the wine I made for us in high school!” They thought it was rosé flavor, very floral and alcohol-forward, but Rhett took the round by guessing it was cherry blossom. (Having tasted the Oreo myself, it is very alcohol-forward, but as you chew, the peach blossom flavor creeps in. It’s not a bad cookie, if you can get your hands on some!)

Cadbury Coated Oreos

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Originally released in Australia in 2017, these cookies are Oreos coated in Cadbury milk chocolate manufactured in the UK. “That is a tasty milk chocolate covering,” Link said. Rhett & Link both agreed that the flavor must hail from Europe, but neither could say exactly where. 

Cotton Candy Oreos

Country of Origin: United States

Cotton Candy Oreos returned to U.S. grocery stores this summer after an eight year hiatus. They’re blonde cookies with a blue and pink cotton candy-flavored creme inside. “The colors are legitimately different flavors, but are close to each other,” Link said. “It’s definitely cotton candy,” Rhett added. Neither could guess the origin, which is here in America (but only for a limited time)!

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