Sporked’s Guide to the Ultimate Pasta Night

If you can’t splurge on tickets to the Amalfi Coast this summer, an at-home pasta night is a perfectly acceptable and affordable substitute. We here at Sporked have everything you need to make your carb-filled dinner molto bene, from the spaghetti to the sauce to the garlic bread for sopping. This is the Sporked guide to the ultimate pasta night!

Best Spaghetti: Stock Your Pantry with These 9 Pastas

best spaghetti
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon / Albertson’s / Walmart / Instacart

If you’re a pasta purist, spaghetti is probably your go-to. We tasted every grocery store brand of spaghetti that we could get our hands on to curate a list of the best spaghetti to stock your pantry.

Best Gluten Free Pasta: 9 Best Gluten Free Pastas for Every Type of Pasta Eater

best gluten free pasta

Having dietary restrictions can be hard, but it doesn’t have to inhibit your pasta night. These are the best gluten free pasta options for our celiac survivors and gluten intolerant girlies.

Best Marinara Sauce: Our Updated Ranking of the Best Jarred Marinara Sauce

best marinara sauce
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / Walmart / Vons / Raos

Keep it simple with our best jarred marinara sauces. Some of them are good enough to knock your nonna off her feet.

Best Jarred Meat Sauce: The 4 Best Meat Sauces for Your Weeknight Pasta Dinners

best jarred meat sauce

Did you know that they sell jarred meat sauce at the grocery store? If you’re all about pasta sauce that packs a protein punch, this list is for you.

Best Arrabbiata Sauce for a Spicy Pasta Dinner

best arrabbiata sauce
Credit: Merc

If regular ol’ marinara sounds boring, spice things up with a good arrabbiata. This tomato-based sauce has a nice kick of chilies to keep your pasta night extra spicy.

Best Jarred Alfredo Sauce: 7 Best Jarred Alfredo Sauces for Creamy Pasta

best alfredo sauce
Credit: Ryan Martin

Store bought alfredo sauce that tastes good is surprisingly hard to find. Most of them are weirdly tangy and super chemically. Luckily, we found a few that are pasta night worthy.

An Updated List of the Best Vodka Sauce You Can Buy

best jarred vodka sauce
Credit: Amazon / Instacart / Target

Vodka sauce is acidic, creamy, and a little boozy. Even if you hate drinking vodka, you’ll like it in your pasta sauce.

The Best Jarred Pesto You Can Buy

best jarred pesto
Credit: Merc

Herbs more your thing? Here are some delicious jarred pestos. Our number one is one of our favorite grocery store products of all time!

Best Low Sodium Pasta Sauce We Tasted

best low sodium pasta sauce
Credit: Merc / Walmart / Vons

Don’t let dietary restrictions get you down on pasta night. These low sodium sauces will make you forget you’re actively trying to decrease your salt intake.

Ditch the Parmesan, Use This Cheese for Pasta Instead

the best cheese for pasta
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / iStock

Surprise! There’s a cheese out there that’s even better than parmesan when it comes to pasta.

9 Best Frozen Meatballs to Buy for Pasta, Subs, and More

best frozen meatballs
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Kroger

If pasta and sauce aren’t enough for you, grab a bag of frozen meatballs to pump up the protein on pasta night. These are juicy, meaty, and super flavorful.

Best Italian Sausage, Whether You Want Chicken, Pork, or Plants

best italian sausage
Credit: Merc

Meatballs not your vibe? Cook up some Italian sausage to serve with your pasta. It might take a little more time and effort, but it’ll be worth it. We promise!

Best Frozen Garlic Bread: From Texas Toast to Garlic Rolls

best garlic bread
Credit: Merc

What is pasta night without garlic bread? We’ll tell you: nothing. You need this garlicky, warm, and sometimes cheesy bread to sop up all the sauce from your pasta. 

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