9 of the Summer’s Coolest (and Weirdest) New Ice Cream Flavors

2022 has been a wild year so far. First there was omicron, then the cryptocurrency crash, then gas prices so astronomical they might force us all to switch to Razor scooters and pogo sticks. But not all the news has been bad. On the brighter side, 2022 has gifted us with a ton of new ice cream flavors, including some of the wackiest flavors I’ve ever seen.

I present you with nine of this summer’s coolest, most enticing, and strangest new frozen dairy offerings:

 Jeni’s “At the Pool” Collection

Starting last week, Jeni’s is dropping five new flavors perfect for poolside consumption (or if we’re being real, in bed watching a movie consumption): Watermelon Taffy, Golden Nectar, Bombastix Sundae Cone, Butterscotch Popcorn, and Dairy-free Lemon Bar. I don’t know how I feel about watermelon-flavored anything, but the rest of those flavors, especially the lemon bar, sound like trouble with a capital T.

The new Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Crumble

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmore on that here.

Van Leeuwen passed us the Grey Poupon (and salted pretzel) ice cream

I haven’t tried it yet, but according to a commenter on our article about it, the new Grey Poupon ice cream is not too mustardy and, although it could use a bit more pretzel crunch, it apparently tastes pretty good! “It is honestly, 100% an actually amazing ice cream,” she wrote.

Halo Top‘s new Vanilla and Chocolate Twist (limited edition), Keto Mint Chocolate Cookie, and Keto Turtle Cheesecake

Not to be topped, Halo Top brought us three new flavors this summer. I typically don’t buy “better for you” ice cream brands (if I’m gonna do ice cream, I’m gonna do ice cream), but I’ll be darned if I don’t try every mint cookie ice cream on the market, so Halo Top, here I come. And I don’t even know what turtle cheesecake is (although it seems to involve caramel and pecans), but if it’s good enough for turtles, it’s good enough for me.

Brave Robot and Coolhaus’ vegan ice cream sandwich

Brave Robot (vegan ice cream company) and Coolhaus (trendy ice cream sandwich company) teamed up to bring us a vegan ice cream sandwich, and y’all, this thing looks very decadent for not containing any animal products. It comes in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Mint Chocolate Chip. And they both look creamy, dreamy, beautiful, Covergirl. Need I say more?

Jeni’s “Sunshine” ice cream

Another gift from Jeni’s, this flavor was released in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May and was supposed to taste like sunshine on a cloudy day. What’s not to love?

Trader Joe’s Horchata-flavored ice cream

I tried this flavor a week ago and it is GOOD. The Ice cream itself has a lovely creamy cinnamon flavor with crunchy cinnamon cookie bits mixed in. 100,000% recommend.

Blue Bell’s new Strawberry Lemonade flavor

Blue Bell is one of Rhett & Link’s fav brands and their new Strawberry Lemonade ice cream looks refreshing as all get out. Also, Blue Bell won Rhett & Link’s ice cream tournament specifically in the fruit category, so I’m inclined to trust any fruit ice cream this brand churns out.

Alright, now for the weirdest (not that Grey Poupon ice cream isn’t weird, I’ve just had more time to get used to it):

Aldi’s Galactic Cones, Mermaid Cones, and Unicorn Cones

Just in time for my midsummer fantasy novel kick! And fine, I know these ice cream cones are meant for kids… but I still want to try them?! These new flavors (thankfully) are not Coke Starlight, fish, and barn-flavored, as you might expect from the names. They are instead Chocolate Vanilla Raspberry, Vanilla Blue Raspberry, and Vanilla Raspberry, respectively. And they look darn good.

Let me know if you try any of the flavors on this list, and what you think! Whether you like them or not, at least they’re going to be pretty cool, I bet.

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