The Fitness Marshall’s Weird Favorite Snack and Drink Combo

Caleb Marshall (aka The Fitness Marshall) is an internet fitness sensation. His dance workout videos are fun, approachable, accessible, and make you work up a real sweat. I’ve been a fan for years and regularly do his workout videos at home with my girlfriend.

What you might not know about the Fitness Marshall, however, is his interesting snack of choice. And, no, it’s not some weird diet food like hearts of palm dipped in mustard. His favorite snack and the way in which he consumes it is freaky and 100% Sporked approved.

Caleb Marshall’s Favorite Snack Combo

When Caleb has a hankering for an afternoon snack, he reaches for two of our favorite pantry classics: Crystal Light and Goldfish. Seems normal, right? But what’s really fun and quirky is the way in which he eats them.

“I want to eat the Goldfish and then drink the Crystal Light and mix it together in my mouth,” Caleb told me when I spoke to him at VidCon. That’s right. He doesn’t just like Goldfish and Crystal Light, he specifically likes when the two create a cheesy, fruity, salty, sweet combination in his mouth. Weird? Yes. Intriguing? Also yes.
This made me wonder what other in-mouth combinations of food we might be missing. Swiss rolls and chocolate milk? Jerky and Coke? Are other flavors of Goldfish with other powdered drink mixes? Check back soon for my next article about what two snacks you should let mingle in your mouth at the same time. Thanks for the idea, Caleb!

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