What to Buy at the Grocery Store if You Love Beans

Everybody loves beans. I love beans. You love beans (or I’m assuming you do because you’re reading this article). My boss Rhett McLaughlin loves beans. They’re pretty incredible. They’re filling, full of protein, and vegan friendly—and that doesn’t even cover the taste. I mean, how can something so simple taste so damn good? Beans, man! BEANS. Anyway, if you’re a fellow bean freak who wants a bean feast, this is the list for you. And since we’re sure your cupboard is already stocked with pintos, garbanzos, and cannellinis, here are some other bean-centric foods you should be filling your cart with. And no, I won’t be making any fart jokes because I’m mature (read: almost 30, so I have to start acting serious).

Albertsons 7 Layer Bean Dip

Seven layer dip answers the question no one was asking: What if we deconstructed a bean burrito into the sum of its parts. But by god, am I glad they did. I love a flexible eating option and there’s nothing more flexible than tailoring every bite to the desired quantities of each food. Want a little more guac and cheese in the next bite? You got it. Hell, want to make a burrito out of the entire dip? You can do that, too! But being the bean lovers we are, we have to get the best 7 layer bean dip Sporked could find by heading to your nearest Albertsons (or other Albertsons-owned grocery store) to get their version. It’s the best.

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Sun Chips Made with Black Bean Southwestern Queso

Humans are creatures of comfort, so many of you reading this likely haven’t tried Sun Chips’ newish “made with black bean” chips. That’s okay, we’re here to open you up to new experiences, and the Sun Chips Made with Black Bean Southwestern Queso chips are a bean lovers dream chip. They take the best flavor of regular Sun Chips (Harvest Cheddar, obviously) and add a little bit of heat into the mix, all on top of a thick and crunchy bean based chip. Beans in a crispy format that you can snack on?? Count us in.

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Ramona’s Bean & Cheese Burrito

I’ve sung the praises of this beautiful burrito already, but let me continue for a little bit here. How can something as simple as a bean and cheese burrito taste so damn good? I could spend a lifetime trying to understand the magic, but for now I’ll just focus on blindly enjoying the otherworldly creation in front of me. Ramona has created the bean lovers’ final boss of bean and cheese burritos by leaving out other fillers, like rice. I don’t hate rice, it’s just that if I have a choice between rice and more bean and cheesy filling? I’m taking the latter ten times out of ten!

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Dennison’s Original Chili Con Carne with Beans

For as much as I love a bean and cheese burrito, I could never pass up a bit of meat thrown into the mix. That’s where chili comes in. I love chili, but especially when it’s “well seasoned, creamy, and meaty.” I mean come on, is there a better sentence than that? Well, “Vinz, you’re here on Survivor 47, what do you have to say to your fans?” would be better, but I’ll take what I can get. Dennison’s Original Chili Con Carne with Beans is packed with beef and pork and of course, beautiful pinto beans that will surely fill you up with their starchy goodness. It’s rare that so many ingredients really sing in harmony this damn well, so let’s celebrate their union!

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Zatarain’s Red Beans & Rice

Every bean lover’s worst nightmare is having to soak their beans overnight before cooking, but have no fear—Zatarain’s is here to save the day! No more soaking beans when you want good red beans and rice. Just reach for a box of this stuff. Not only does it save you time on soaking, it’s also a little spicy, perfectly creamy, and super filling right out of the box. Bean lovers everywhere should stash a box or two of these in the back of their pantry for emergency cravings that won’t wait for you to soak your pesky little dried beans.

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