What to Buy for a Friendsgiving Potluck

If you’ve been scouring the internet for Friendsgiving food ideas, you’ve probably come across a lot of recipes, right? Everyone wants to be the person who shows up to the Friendsgiving potluck with the Thanksgiving appetizer or casserole that everyone devours—but if you don’t cook or just don’t have time this year, we have good news on that front. There are plenty of Friendsgiving drinks, Friendsgiving appetizers, and other Friendsgiving foods that require very little preparation and are downright delicious. We rounded up some Friendsgiving food ideas from our rankings that we think all your buds will be thankful for. 

best old fashioned in a bottle

The Drink

High West Old Fashioned Barrel Finished

You don’t have to have a certified mixologist on the Friendsgiving guest list to have really good Friendsgiving drinks. This premixed Old Fashioned from High West truly tastes like a good, freshly made craft cocktail, and you get a few of them out of a single bottle. You get whiskey. You get bitters. You get the sweet taste of muddled Luxardo cherry. This is what you should be bringing to the Friendsgiving potluck instead of yet another bottle of wine. 

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best canned mocktails

The Drink

For Bitter For Worse Eva’s Spritz

The non-drinkers at your Friendsgiving potluck shouldn’t have to settle for soda. Grab a four-pack (or two) of these canned mocktails from For Bitter For Worse. We taste tested dozens of canned mocktails and this one made a big impression—it’s sweet and citrusy, but a little bit bitter and sophisticated, too. It has all the elements of a great cocktail, minus the booze. 

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trader joe's parmesan pastry pups review

The Appetizer

Parmesan Pastry Pups

Friendsgiving fact: Everyone loves pigs-in-a-blanket, and no matter what anyone else brings to the Friendsgiving potluck, these suckers will be among the first Friendsgiving snacks to disappear. And you don’t even have to waste your time wrapping Lit’l Smokies in Pillsbury crescent roll dough if you pick up a box of Parmesan Pastry Pups at Trader Joe’s. These are so good and greasy, and they have an added burst of nutty, salty flavor from the parm that’s sprinkled on top. Buy two boxes. We promise they’ll get eaten.

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Feel Good Foods Truffle Mushroom Square Pan Pizza

The Appetizer

Feel Good Foods Truffle Mushroom Square Pan Pizza

Bringing a pizza to the potluck might sound like one of the weirder Friendsgiving ideas. But this truffle mushroom pizza from Feel Good Foods actually makes a perfect Friendsgiving appetizer. It can be cut into squares so it’s easy to share. The black truffle flavor makes it just a little bit fancier than your average frozen pizza. And it’s gluten free, so everyone can enjoy. 

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best mushroom pierogies

The Side

Grandma’s Perogies Potato & Mushrooms Perogies

Mashed potatoes are a Friendsgiving necessity, but you can be the cool guy at the Friendsgiving potluck who mixes things up by bringing pierogies instead. See, these things are basically mashed potato-stuffed dumplings. Yes. That makes them mashed potatoes you can simply pick up and eat with your hands. This is one of those Friendsgiving ideas that makes sense if you’re having a super casual, mingly meal rather than a big sit-down feast for your friends.

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best biscuit mix

The Bread

Red Lobster Rosemary Garlic Parmesan Biscuit Mix

If you’ve ever smuggled napkin-wrapped Red Lobster biscuits out of the restaurant in your purse, we have good news: Their store bought biscuit mix is good, too. These are basically Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits with a kick of fragrant rosemary, which makes them even more perfect for a special occasion like a Friendsgiving potluck. Yes, these take a little bit of cooking, but, c’mon, your friends are worth it, right? 

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best grocery store apple pie

The Dessert

Sprouts Double Crust Apple Pie

If you’re not a baker, simply buying frozen pie may seem like a good Friendsgiving food idea, but oven space can be scarce when there are casseroles to warm and biscuits to bake. Just go ahead and bring a pie from the grocery store bakery, but make it a good one. Sprouts apple pie is one of those Friendsgiving desserts everyone will love. It’s sweet and brimming with crisp apples, but there’s just the right amount of salt in the crust to keep you coming back for bite after bite. No matter how massive the Friendsgiving dinner spread was, this pie will vanish. 

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