The Best Snacks for Your Women’s World Cup Watch Parties

Grab your European friends and your shin guards, the World Cup is BACK, baybee! And not just any World Cup, it’s the Women’s World Cup. And because we all know the World Cup calls for watch parties galore (even though the U.S. is out), here is our list of Women’s World Cup party snacks (by country so you can be cute and on theme).

U.S. – Lay’s Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue

There are few snacks more American than Southern-style BBQ flavored potato chips and these BBQ chips are the winningest ones we could find. Lay’s Sweet Southern Heat chips are BBQ flavored, yes, but they have a real (corner) kick to them. Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick called them “some of the best potato chips [they’ve] ever had” and said these smoky, BBQ-inspired chips are “sweet, hot, and have a distinctly southern BBQ twang.” Munch on these while you rep the U.S., even if you can’t root for the U.S. anymore.

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England –

What do they eat in England? Bangers and mash, I’m told. Also beans on toast and a thing called “spotted dick”. England has interesting taste. But one thing both England and I agree on are buttery potatoes, and there are no potatoes more buttery than these Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes. So if you are tired of watching British people kick around the ol’ football without a snack in your mouth, go make yourself some of these instant mashed potatoes. They are “smooth and fluffy” as well as “packed with flavor,” and literally taste doused in butter. Is it weird to make a bowl of instant mashed potatoes as a Women’s World Cup watch partysnack? Yeah, it is weird…not to. Go do this. It will be fun.

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Spain – Jeff’s Garden Whole Castelvetrano Olives

No, don’t come at me Spain—I know Castelvetranos are Sicilian and Sicily is not actually in Spain probably. But here’s the thing. If you are in the U.S. making football tapas for your Cup-watching posse, then these are some of the closest you will get to fancy Spanish olives. They are “wonderfully buttery, meaty, and kind of sweet, too,” and they are green, just like the Spain football jerseys are not. But these briny bites are green just like olives, and olives are a big deal in Spain, just like soccer is, making them the perfect snacks for a women’s world cup party.

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Germany – Kroger Bavarian Style Soft Sticks Pub Style

I mean of course we gave soft pretzels to Germany. What is more German that a warm, soft pretzel?! Well, maybe a warm soft sausage and a warm soft beer. But either way, if you are watching Germany play and punctuating the moment with some pretzels, then these Kroger pub-style ones should absolutely be your goooooooool. These were so good they even prompted Jordan to say, “It is unbelievable that frozen soft pretzel sticks from Kroger can be so good. These are better than any soft pretzel I’ve ever had at a restaurant.” Go. Get. These.

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France – Charcuterie

You know what they say, France = Fance(y), and the Women’s World Cup party snacks should be no different. Whip up a nice little charcuterie board for all of your distinguished, French, football-watching buddies. Throw together some Syrah Soaked Toscano cheese from Trader Joe’s, some affordable and delicious prosciutto from Aldi, and some crackers that can hold up to the flavors of the cheese and meat and you got yourself some serious charcuterie. Throw in some jam and a bulb of roasted garlic and you will have reached EXPERT ADVANCED CHARCUTERIE MODE.

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New Zealand – Kiwi Hi-Chew

This one is mainly a joke. You know how New Zealanders call themselves Kiwis? Well, this is the best kiwi-flavored fruit (or food item, really) that I could think of. Kiwi Hi-Chew is unbelievably fruity, chewy, and juicy, plus it has little chia seeds to make it look like an actual kiwi. They are adorable and delicious and you could absolutely down a whole little sleeve of these while watching the Kiwis play.  

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