Plant Based

If you’re looking for the best plant-based foods, Sporked has you covered! We all know that switching to a plant-based diet can be tough, especially if you find yourself dreaming of meaty, cheesy flavors of the past. Our plant-based aisle has been carefully curated to bring you the best sans-animal product options to satisfy your cravings!

To start off our veggie venture we have our selection of best vegan hot dogs. For all your summer barbecue and cozy (veggie) chili dog needs, we’ve found the most scrumptious non-meat dogs for you to throw on a bun, pack with every condiment of your choosing, and go to town on!

If you’re looking for non-dairy cheese to go with that veggie dog, then look no further than our best vegan cheese options. For all of your charcuterie, sandwich, and macaroni & non-cheese needs, we’ve got you covered.

Bacon. The heart and soul of a hearty breakfast to get your day going. You want it, and we’ve got it without the meat! Our best vegan bacon ranking gives you the inside scoop on the best crispy, porkless strips you need, carefully analyzing the best plant-based bacon brands across different flavor profiles and texture preferences. 

Look to our ranking of best vegan mayo to up your sandwich game while giving the hens of the world a break. Vegan deli sandwich? Tea sandwich? Tunaless tuna sandwich? We have the mayo for every occasion. (We also have the plant-based tuna and the vegan deli meats!)

Ok so you’ve switched over to vegan buffalo wings, but what are you going to dip them in? Why none other than one of our best vegan ranch dressing options. They’re creamy, they’re herby, and they are oh so yummy!

And last, but definitely not least, the heavily disputed product to plantify: milk. Do you go with almonds? Do you go for soy? Do you go bold with pistachio? Our list of the best milk alternatives not only lets you know the best milks each nut has to offer, but the best uses for each milk.

Of course this isn’t all the plant-based rankings we have to offer. We’ve got turkey, we’ve got nuggets, we’ve got many leafy green products in meaty disguises for you to cook up and chow down on. Let’s get into the plant-based aisle and get your green on!

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