Packaged Food Babies! 5 Brand Collabs We Love (and 2 We Like)

Once in a while, packaged food brands pair up and make delicious packaged food babies. Old Bay and Goldfish. Jeni’s Ice Cream and Pop-Tarts. Not all of them are matches made in heaven, but once in a while, brands make beautiful music together. Here are some brand collabs we love (and some we think are just okay). 

Old Bay Goldfish

I don’t host many (or any) Mid-Atlantic-style crab boils, so I don’t have much occasion to use Old Bay seasoning. I’m sure it’s good on fish, but who knew how good it would be on Goldfish? No exaggeration, this is one of the best new snacks I’ve tried this year. These crackers are savory, zesty, and totally addictive. If you love Old Bay, you’ll love these. If you don’t love Old Bay, try them anyway. A handful of these in a bowl of crab bisque? C’maaan.

Utz Mike’s Hot Honey Potato Chips

We frequently give new products high marks if they do what they set out to accomplish. This isn’t my favorite chip flavor by a longshot, but these Utz chips really capture the flavor and spice of Mike’s Hot Honey. Plus, Utz chips are just so good—light, crispy, and flavorful. 

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Ithaca Grillo’s Pickles Hummus

Grillo’s makes good pickles. Their dill spears are among our favorites—they’re garlicky, dilly, and much fresher tasting than lots of other pickles you’ll find at the grocery store. Turns out the flavor of their pickles is the perfect complement to Ithaca’s creamy hummus. If you don’t like the flavor of dried dill, you probably won’t like this, but for the most part, pickle lovers will be into this with some pita chips.

Jeni’s x Pop-Tarts Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream

Brown sugar cinnamon is one of the best Pop-Tarts flavors. But even if you aren’t into Pop-Tarts (I’ll always be a Toaster Strudel guy), you’ll like this ice cream flavor. It’s sweet and cinnamony and the ice cream base tastes almost like cream cheese frosting. And the bits of crust in the mix give it lots of textural variety. Sadly, this is only available at Jeni’s scoop shops and on their website, but it’s worth seeking out.

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Jack Link’s recently released two jerky flavors inspired by popular crunchy snacks: Flamin’ Hot and Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili. The Sweet Chili jerky is fine, but this Flamin’ Hot variety is something we’ll return to, even if it lacks the signature citric acid tang of the Flamin’ Hot snacks you know and love. The best part about it is that it’s genuinely spicy—and the spice really lingers. 

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Tic Tac Sprite

I wasn’t a huge fan of these Tic Tacs, but Rhett & Link like them! The lemon lime flavor isn’t all that reminiscent of Sprite, but they do include sodium bicarbonate so you get a little bit of a fizzy sensation when you eat them. I’d definitely be more into Orange Crush Tic Tacs.

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Pillsbury Lucky Charms Soft Baked Cookies

Great idea, mediocre execution. Soft Baked cookies always taste a little bit like preservatives to me and these are no different. And the marshmallow flavor is strong. If you like a super-duper sweet cookie, you might be into these, but I’d rather just have a bowl of Lucky Charms, to be honest.

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