Best Vanilla Coffee Creamer for Your Morning Coffee

The best vanilla coffee creamer is thick, sweet, and makes your crummy drip brew taste just a little bit more like a $7 vanilla latte from the coffee shop. See, I heard that if you stop spending money on coffee every morning and give up avocado toast, you’ll be able to afford a house! So, consider this ranking of the best vanilla creamer for coffee a life hack! 

When it comes to coffee creamer, I’m a sweet cream guy all the way. The Sporked team’s top coffee creamer overall—Chobani Sweet Cream—also happens to be my favorite coffee creamer. When my grocery store is out of it (which is often, unfortunately), I’ll grab vanilla coffee creamer instead and it can be a little bit of a letdown. So many vanilla coffee creamers taste like bad, artificial vanilla flavor or, even worse, like too much vanilla extract. In this taste test, I wanted to find vanilla coffee creamer with a rich and creamy consistency and a flavor that wasn’t off putting or cloying. From the best French vanilla coffee creamer to the best vanilla creamer for iced coffee, here’s our list. The number one pick is controversial, but we’ll get to that

best zero sugar vanilla coffee creamer

Best Zero Sugar

Coffee-mate Zero Sugar French Vanilla

When we taste tested zero sugar coffee creamer, this wasn’t our top pick, but it was the best zero sugar French vanilla coffee creamer we tasted. It is creamier and better tasting than International Delights’ zero sugar vanilla creamer, and has a better flavor overall. The phony sweetener (acesulfame potassium, in this case) is definitely present on the finish, but if you drink zero sugar creamers, you’re probably used to that. It feels indulgent even though it’s sugar free and (nearly) fat free. If you’re watching your carbs, give this vanilla creamer a shot.

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walmart vanilla coffee creamer

Best Budget

Great Value French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

If you’re opting for a vanilla coffee creamer with sugar (and you don’t mind coffee creamer that isn’t, you know, made with actual cream), this is the stuff. It has a better vanilla flavor than Coffee-mate—I said what I said! It’s very rich and tastes like melted vanilla ice cream. While oil is one of the first ingredients, this creamer from Walmart does contain milk derived ingredients, so it isn’t vegan, but it is lactose and cholesterol free. If you want a cheap and serviceable vanilla coffee creamer, this is the best vanilla coffee creamer. 

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best non dairy vanilla coffee creamer

Best Almond

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Almond Creamer

Prior to tasting my way through the non-dairy vanilla creamers made with alternative milks, I thought for sure I would like one of the oat milk creamers better than the almond milk creamers. Oat milk is generally creamier than almond milk, which makes it good for coffee, but Natural Bliss has done something pretty special with this almond-based coffee creamer. I love that it doesn’t make your coffee taste like an alternative milk, which all of the oat-based creamers we tried did. The predominant flavor was “oat,” and I don’t think it should be that way! This is also gluten free, lactose free, vegan, cholesterol free, and carrageenan free. It’s the best vanilla creamer for iced coffee, especially if you avoid dairy—but really, even if you don’t.

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best vanilla coffee creamer

Best of the Best

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Real Milk & Cream Vanilla

We tried this real cream creamer head to head with Chobani’s real cream creamer and the flavor of the Natural Bliss tastes a little bit more natural and less like vanilla extract. This pains me because I am a Chobani coffee creamer freak, but their vanilla coffee creamer just didn’t taste as good when we mixed it with our office K-Cup coffee. With Natural Bliss you get that richness of real cream, but none of the astringent unnatural flavor. I said this was a controversial pick and here’s why: Coffee-mate Natural Bliss used to be only sugar, milk, and cream, but they changed up the formula to include oil, much to the chagrin of people who regularly bought it. Ingredients aside, this just tastes good and that’s what we look for here at Sporked. If you can’t or don’t want soybean oil in your coffee creamer, buy Chobani. But if you don’t mind a little added oil for a thicker consistency, this is the best vanilla coffee creamer.

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