The Sporked Guide to New Year’s Eve

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have fun on New Year’s Eve. Have a blast or your year is doomed! Kiss someone at midnight or you’ll die alone! Here’s an idea: Relax! Set the superstitions aside and focus on what’s important: snacks and drinks. Whether you’re having a big blowout party or just staying in with a few friends and whatever weird, random celebs Ryan Seacrest drags out this year, make sure you stock up on all the best New Year’s food. From New Year’s Eve hors d’oeuvres to the most festive bevs to have in hand when the clock strikes midnight to the best stuff for brunch on New Year’s Day, here’s the Sporked guide to New Year’s food ideas.

The Best Frozen Apps at Trader Joe’s

trader joe's frozen appetizers
Credit: Liv Averett / Trader Joe’s

If you’re doing your NYE party shopping at Trader Joe’s, we have good news: There are a lot of good, nibbly things to eat in the frozen section. These are the must-buy frozen apps at TJ’s.

The Best Frozen Appetizers from Our Taste Tests

best frozen apps
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target / Trader Joe’s / Walmart

Okay, if you aren’t doing your NYE party shopping at Trader Joe’s, chances are your grocery store of choice has some pretty delicious apps in the freezer aisle. From fried shrimp to Buffalo wings, here are some of our faves.

All the Best Dips from Our Taste Tests

best Dips

A party isn’t a party without dip, and that goes for New Year’s Eve parties, too. From guacamole to spinach artichoke dip, these are the best dips we’ve tried in our taste tests.

The Best Easy Holiday Appetizers

best holiday appetizers
Credit: Liv Averett / Stonewall Kitchen / Target

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to be a pain. Easy apps make it possible for you to be a host with the most and have fun.

The Best Canned Cocktails

best canned cocktails
Credit: Liv Averett / Drizly / Target / Total Wine / Walmart

If you don’t have the time or money to stock an entire bar, the best canned cocktails are a great shortcut to tasty drinks for your New Year’s Eve party.

The Best Canned Champagne and Sparkling Wine

best champagne in a can

Put away those plastic Champagne flutes. Serve sparkling wine in a can instead. 

The Best Non Alcoholic Champagne and Sparkling Wine

best non alcoholic champagne

Toast the New Year without feeling like crap the next day. These sparkling wines are fizzy, festive, and totally booze free.

The Best Cheap Caviar

best caviar under $25

Caviar really classes up a NYE party—and no one has to know you spent less than 25 bucks on it.

The Best Holiday Hangover Cures

holiday hangover cures
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / Instacart / Walmart

There’s no shame in overdoing it on New Year’s Eve. Just make sure you’re prepared to deal with the consequences the next day by stocking up on these hangover healers. 

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