The Best Bachelor Party Snacks

It’s that time my dood, my broseph, my Tommy Brohama from a different mama. Time to plan your best friend’s bachelor party. And while I will leave the general vibe and minute details for you to figure out, oooooh hoo hoo, have I got some great bachelor party snack ideas to get your creative juices flowing. So without further I-do (get it because weddings?!), here are our suggestions for some of the best bachelor party snacks.

Ruffles Original Baked

These are my brother’s favorite chips and he has been to more bachelor parties than anyone I know (he’s been to one…I don’t know a lot of people). And while yes, this is the brother who liked plain, un-sauced salad as a kid, I promise you, he’s since grown to appreciate flavors. And my my, do these sort-of-healthier chips scratch that crunchy, salty, craving you get right when you and the entire bachelor party pile back into your tiny apartment after a long night out. They have “a nice, clean flavor,” and due to being of the “baked” variety, they taste more like Pringles than classic chips. So if that is your jam, I say go get you some baked Ruffles to add to your pile of bachelor party snacks.

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Sweet Chili Doritos

Sometimes a bachelor party is sweet and sometimes it’s ~hot~, but if your bachelor parties are anything like the one my brother went to, then they are…vegan. Which means you can bring these Doritos, because it turns out these are one of the only vegan Dorito varieties out there. And these are not only vegan, they are also “not spicy or sweet and there is no chili anywhere to be found, but they do taste very good.” This is according to senior writer Jordan Myrick, who said that these do taste “super savory and salty,” like a gyoza dipping sauce from a Japanese restaurant. Need I say more? Add these to your list entitled “Snacks for Bachelor Party.” Heck add them to your list entitled “Groceries,” too—treat yourself this week.

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Trader Joe’s Blueberry Waffles

It is obvious why this one is on the list: So you can stay up late swappin’ manly stories and have the appropriate, canonical food ready to eat in the morning. Also, these waffles from TJ’s are a crispy, blueberry-filled delight.

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I mean, come on. These are a CLASSIC staple when it comes to bachelor party snacks. I mean they look like little wedding tuxedos for cryin’ out loud! Plus they taste simply divine. Everyone knows it, no one will deny it. It is actively difficult to find an Oreo hater. Plus? Vegan.

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Chomps Original Beef Stick

Because nothing is more manly than beef and nothing is more beefy than Chomps. Chomps are so beefy Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo actually thought the snack sticks tasted a bit like a ribeye steak. If you are having a non-vegan bachelor party (which I mean, no one I know has ever done), meat sticks are actually a great little protein-packed pick-me-up to stash in your man purse while you are out on the town. Or, if you opt for a nature-y, hikey, bachelor party, these are a great way to get in some protein and salt on the trail. A true win win when it comes to snacks for bachelor party-ification.

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Good Earth Creme Earl Grey Black Tea

Because nothing is more manly than sitting in a circle sipping delicious Earl Grey tea and reflecting on how lucky you are to be marrying your incomparable s/o. I know what you are thinking: “Tea? On a list of bachelor party snacks?!” Try it boys, you will not be disappointed. Jordan described this soothing tea as having “floral notes and hints of vanilla,” adding that the flavor is “bold without being overpowering.” YUM. Go sip a delightful cuppa and listen to your guy friends dish about their lives. This summer, toxic masculinity is out and tea party masculinity is in, so get out there and feel some bachelor party feelings, broskis!

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