The Best Unexpected Desserts, According to You

I’m sure by now you have all heard of girl dinner (girl dinner, OHHH girl dinner), but have you heard of girl dessert? No, you have not because it is not a thing. That being said, whether or not you are a girl you have definitely at some point in your life wandered into the kitchen looking for a little sweet (or savory) something to cap off your night and grabbed the first sugary, salty, pickley, or just plain enticing thing you could find from chocolate chips to leftover chicken nuggets to sprinkles to straight up brown sugar. So we took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask you all, “What food do you eat for dessert even though it isn’t really a dessert?” and boy did you crazy kids give us some dazzling dessert-spiration. Here are the best unexpected desserts according to you!

The Cinnam-Unroll

“Cinnamon and sugar toast” —@Beardedknight0

This is one of my go-tos for sure. If you are craving something sweet there are few things in this world more satisfying than warm buttered toast absolutely coated in cinnamon sugar.

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The Breakfast for Dessert

“Cereal. Peanut butter captain crunch.” —@TJCondelario

Normalize 👏 Night 👏 Cereal 👏

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The Improvised Fruit Cup

“A can of pears🍐” —@SpennyHiggs

Canned pears are so friggin’ delicious and people need to talk about it more.
The Healthy Option

“Applesauce.” —@MiasmaMiss

I have done this so many times. Sprinkle some cinnamon on there and microwave for a bit and you have almost an apple pie filling of sorts.

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The Brown Cow

“Chocolate milk” —@will_it_brian

Deeeeeelicious. Especially when paired with Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, or really any sweet or salty thing you have lying around.

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The “Specifically on Thanksgiving”

“Sweet potato casserole” —@OptimisticLoaf

I don’t know if @OptimisticLoaf is a special kind of person who has sweet potato casserole at the ready all year round or if this is a Thanksgiving-specific suggestion, but either way I’m 1000% on board.
The “I Didn’t Realize This Was Allowed”

“Grapes sprinkled with jello 😋🤤” —@Swice_Tea

WHAAAAT?!? Brb trying this right now.
The Sweet ‘N’ Savory

“Pretzels dipped in Nutella” —@Valistia

Ugh, what a classic good time.

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The Midnight Macros

“Protein bar” —@niceworkmsft

I have done this. Countless times. Protein bars are essentially candy bars and sometimes ya gotta use them that way and have yourself a high-protein candy bar for dessert.

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The “Even Better Than Pickles”

“Kimchi. Right out the jar.” —@ShesRestless

Kimchi is such a treat. Kimchi straight out of the jar absolutely hits the spot. Kimchi late at night AND straight out of the jar is a gosh darn delight, and more people need to get on this tangy, salty, umami, crunchy, beautiful train.

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