Best Date Night Desserts

We’ve all been there—you’re whippin’ up some fancy, fancy cookin’ for your boo, but then you realize no one calls anyone their “boo” AND you forgot to make a dessert!!! Never fear. Here are six easy, store-bought dessert options that are romantic enough to be date night desserts but low effort enough to not kill the mood.

Baker’s Real Milk Chocolate Dipping Chocolate

When it comes to date night dessert ideas, there are few things more classic than strawberries dipped in chocolate, and believe us, this is the dipping chocolate for you. It is microwaveable, tastes like a smoother melted Hershey’s Kiss, and it’s nice and thick so it clings well to whichever fruit you and your s/o decide to dip in it. You can’t go wrong with this and it literally could not be any easier.

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FatBoy Sundae Best Cones

Want a date night dessert that’s even lower effort than microwavable dipping chocolate? One of the best date night desserts is this (not so) humble sundae cone. These sundae-inspired cones from Fat Boy not only have that delicious, beautiful chunk of chocolate at the bottom of the cone, they are also heavily drizzled with caramel and chocolate and sprinkled with peanuts, making them, according to Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick, “genuinely taste like an entire sundae was slapped into a cone for your convenience.” And if you don’t want a sundae slapped into a cone for your and your date’s convenience, then what could you possibly want?

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Choceur Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Almonds

Sometimes date nights call for good movie-watching snacks, and these addictive, poppable almonds from Aldi are perfect for the job. Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling described these chocolate-covered coconut almonds by noting that Aldi “has turned an Almond Joy into a bite-sized delight,” and I don’t know about you but that sounds like a perfect sweet counterpart to buttery microwavable popcorn. Plus, when Barbenheimer hits the streamers we can double feature the snacks AND the films.

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Clover Sonoma Sweetened Whipped Topping

This one is fun because you can make any dessert better with whipped cream. Ice cream? Sure. Cake? Absolutely. Red Vines? I unironically think this would slap. And this whipped cream already slaps on its own, so slap it on your date night dessert and make it slap even more (wow, that sentence was violent). Why is this whipped cream so specifically fabulous? Because it is, as Jordan put it, “incredibly rich and luxurious.” Just try it and you and your date can thank us later.

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Raspberry Cheesecake Talenti

Is there any dairy product more romantic than gelato? That’s a question I ask myself every morning while I stare myself down the mirror and brush my teeth. And by the time I’ve spit and rinsed and brushed my hair, I always come to the same conclusion: perhaps not. But armchair foodlosophy aside, y’all really do need to add this gelato to your list of date night dessert ideas because, hoooo boi, is it decadent. It is beautifully balanced and as Justine put it, “The raspberry is tart and tangy and fresh. The cheesecake flavor is like genuine cheesecake.” It’s perfect, just like your s/o. So buy it for them already!

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Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Smucker’s Hot Fudge, Trader Jacques’ Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce

People need to have more sundae nights. People need to have more date nights in. Why not combine both rare occurrences into a date night sundae party extravaganza? Just you, your date, the best and most creamy, dreamy, beautiful (Covergirl?) ice cream money can buy, the thickest, saltiest caramel sauce, and the fudgiest fudge. We know you want only the best sweets for your sweetie and we are here to help you pick them out.

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