10 Most Underrated Snacks That Actually Slap, According to You

You guys gave us some great recs for underrated snacks at Trader Joe’s, so we thought it pertinent to broaden our horizons and ask for your favorite underrated snacks in general. And you little snack freaks really came through! Some of these I’ve never heard of (Gansito, anyone?) and others I simply forgot existed, so thank you for bringing them back into my life. Here are ten underrated snacks we all should go out and buy ASAP.

Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets

“Beaver nuggets.” —Taylor Marie Jaxtheimer

I’ve never had these before, so I had to go to the source: Buc-cee’s describes Beaver Nuggets as salty and sweet, with a “caramel-coated exterior and a puffy interior” that offers a “notable crunch.” I’m intrigued by any product that puts a weird animal on it, so count me in. Do you think they could build dams out of these? 🤔

Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn (for your villain era) 

“Lesser Evil Himalayan pink popcorn” —@bwesley10

If they aren’t marketing Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Salt organic popcorn to the girlie pops in their villain era, I simply can’t help them. I love this stuff. I’m also a girlie pop in my villain era, so that checks out. 

We actually reported on Lesser Evil’s cherry-lime flavored popcorn that dropped in summer of 2022 with mixed excitement and skepticism—curious if any of you tried?

Dot’s Honey Mustard Pretzels

“Dots Honey Mustard pretzels are so addicting!” —@TheMissELF

Pretzels in general deserve a little more love, but honey mustard pretzels? Arguably the perfect pretzel flavor, and a timeless classic for a reason. 

Read our ranking of the best pretzels


Yes, behold: Gansito is a popular Mexican snack cake and cult classic that I’m embarrassed to admit we haven’t tried at Sporked yet. (I think. I mean, I’ve only been here for three weeks.) If you’re getting bored of Tastycakes and Twinkies, give these a go! Apparently they are really good if you freeze them.

Trader Joe’s Cheddar Rockets 🚀🚀🚀

“If we’re talking TJ’s as in Trader Joe’s, I’ve recently become a massive fan of their cheddar rockets!” —Bailey Burke

Oh, the Trader Joe’s cheddar rockets. Mildly phallic in shape but not in taste! Thank god for the little things. Not that size matters. As long as it’s cheesy and salty, we’ll eat it. 

Kar’s Trail Mix

“Kar’s snack mixes. Original is a classic but I think it’s properly rated, but all other flavors are underrated. I’ve never had a bad one. The tropical fruit and nut mix is my favorite, the apple one is 🔥too” —@civilwreckage

Good trail mix is criminally underrated. I think we’re all a little scarred from the cheap trail mixes they would stock in the middle school vending machines, right next to, like, a Twinkie. What were we supposed to do? Ignore the Twinkie? But we’re adults now. Time to up our trail mix game and work through our childhood trauma. Thank you @civilwreckage for the rec 🙏.

OREO Cakesters

“oreo cakesters” —@luvrrrrgirl

Guys we actually just tried the new PB Oreo Cakester 👀. Don’t hate us! We have nothing against Cakesters and are very happy to have them back! Promise!! This was just… meh?

Wonderful Pistachios Salt & Pepper

Thank you, Matt. I concur. Like you, my love for pistachio is so great, I have no words. In fact, you’ve inspired me. As of today I’ll be adding a very belated bullet to my New Year’s resolutions: Eat more pistachios. They are yummy and good for me, so why don’t I ever buy them? (Also we should maybe do a pistachios ranking??)

Boston Baked Beans Candy

“Boston baked beans” —David Brian

I don’t know why, but if I see any product using “Boston” as an adjective, I automatically think it’s going to taste good. Apparently you can find these peanut-butter filled candies in any tourist shop in New England, which begs the question… should Sporked take a work trip to Boston?? 

Dill Sea Salt & Olive Triscuits

We are big supporters of Triscuits here at Sporked. We love them with chili, we love them as a holiday cracker, and we love them on their own. That signature toasted wheat flavor is hard to beat, and I bet these Dill Sea Salt & Olive ones would go great with a little smoked salmon and cream cheese

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  • Beaver Nuggets are basically like a larger Corn Pop with a thicker coating of sugar. The first listed ingredient is brown sugar. There’s more brown sugar than corn meal.