What to Eat with Guacamole

Forget Klondike bars—I would do a lot for some guacamole. I’d run a mile (okay, maybe a half), I’d admit I was wrong about something, I’d even shell out $1.95 at Chipotle (arguably the hardest of those three things). Because the fact remains that there are few things in this life better than a salty, crispy tortilla chip dipped into a perfectly oniony, lime-y, cilantro-y guacamole. This is a widely recognized fact. How do I know this? Because restaurants always charge extra for it and people still order it. You don’t see salsa getting that treatment, no, that they give you for free with a basket of chips, but the guac? The guac is special. The guac is unique. The guac is a way of life. And the guac can be eaten with way more than just tortilla chips (although that is the classic combo). So for you guac lovers out there looking for any vessel on which to pile your sweet, sweet avocado mush, here is our list of what to eat with guacamole.

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First, we have the classic. The first thing you think of when pondering what to eat with guacamole. It’s gotta be the CHIPS, baybee!! And these chips from On the Border do not disappoint. They’re salty enough to be eaten on their own, thick enough to dip without breakage, and have that perfect hint of canola oil flavor that makes them taste like they just came out of the fryer. Senior writer Jordan Myrick described these as “literally the perfect tortilla chips,” so I don’t know what more you need to hear. Go get these and stick ‘em in your guac.

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Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips

Out of tortilla chips? Pita chips will work in a pinch, and before you call this sacrilege, I think true guac-heads will agree that as long as you can put guac on it and it is edible and tastes good, it’s fair game. Not to mention that these pita chips also have a fantastic crunch that juxtaposes the smooth texture of guac quite nicely (yes, I did just use the word “juxtaposes”; I’m not a nerd, I just like guacamole so much it turns me into a Thesaurus). Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart described these chips as nothing short of magical, saying, “There’s no butter in the ingredients list, but they taste so buttery. There’s no garlic listed either, but I swear they have a hint of that savory goodness. And the richness of their baked flavor is completely addictive.” In other words, go get these and (you guessed it) stick ‘em in your guac.

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Okay, so, we’ve covered the chips, and if you were wondering what to eat with guacamole besides chips, your time has come. Get yourself some high-quality corn tortillas like these and either, a.) make some beautiful little tacos and adorn them generously with guac, or, b.) cut them into pieces and fry (or air fry) them yourself to bring us firmly back into chip territory. Either way, these tortillas DELIVER. Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo wrote that these are “soft, tasty, and have a slight hint of corn that is enhanced when you toast them on an open flame.” These would be great topped with al pastor, grilled lime-y shrimp, or carne asada—and some guac, of course!

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Ramona’s Bean & Cheese Burrito

Sometimes all you have in your freezer is a bean and cheese burrito. And sometimes, it needs a little sprucing with a giant helping of guac. Don’t get me wrong, this burrito is delicious on its own. The amount of flavor packed into this humble bean and cheese burrito had Jordan saying, “I wish I could meet Ramona and thank her for her absolutely incredible frozen bean and cheese burrito.” So, everybody say thank you, Ramona, and as the saying goes, stick some guac on it!

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El Monterey Extra Crunchy Southwest Chicken Taquitos

I know, I know. Nobody eats taquitos with guac. And I hear you, I really do, but I would ask you, good sir, why the heck not?! Taquitos are basically nacho rollups (no tongue tattoos on these ones though), and guac and nachos go together like, well, chips and guac. And these taquitos, which made Gwynedd say “holy s***” aloud, deserve a place at the table next to guac. These are bursting with cheese, peppers, beans, and chicken. Gwynedd even described them as tasting like “southwest chicken egg rolls from a chain restaurant.” In conclusion, looking for what to eat with guacamole besides chips? Get these. And stick some guac on ‘em!

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 Trader Joe’s Truly Handmade Flour Tortillas

Lastly, flour tortillas. And while, yes, you could just smear a tortilla with guac and eat it and it would be good (especially with these utterly fantastic tortillas), you can also make yourself a beautiful big ol’ honkin’ burrito in these tortillas and pile in as much guac as you would like. Really show Chipotle who’s boss. Heck make this burrito then go to Chipotle and charge them for the guac in your burrito. Oh how the tables have turned (I don’t know how this would work, so maybe don’t do that, but wouldn’t it be funny?). Anyway, Gwynedd described these tortillas as being “substantial” with a “great chewy texture and a fatty, almost fried flavor.” Delicious, hands down the best flour tortillas we tried, and please, do stick some guac on ‘em.

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