New Oreos Alert! Two New Cookies to Look for in March

Folks, there’s no better feeling than seeing the subject line “New Oreo Cookie Flavors Hitting Shelves” in your inbox. The masterminds behind Black & White Cookie-flavored Oreo Cookies have decided to unleash another cookie ouroboros on us all. This March, Oreo is launching a brand new limited-time standard flavor: Oreo Dirt Cake cookies. As if that wasn’t enough, a flavor we haven’t seen on shelves for four years is coming to the Oreo Thins line permanently: Tiramisu Oreo Thins. They don’t make it easy for us here on the cookie beat.

We’ll start with the simpler addition. While we were all locked in our safety bunkers back in April 2020, Oreo launched a limited-edition cookie with tiramisu-flavored creme. It was good! Of course it was good, it was an Oreo. In Sporked’s own Oreo ranking, only 5 out of 28 flavors received fewer than 7/10 Sporks. That’s a fantastic batting average! The worst Oreo flavor I’ve ever had (Swedish Fish-flavored creme, 2016) was still at least a 4/10. Consumer confidence in Oreo innovation is probably higher than any other product line in the food industry; someone should do a study on that.

In a few weeks, you’ll be able to find that same Tiramisu-flavored creme permanently slapped into the Oreo Thins format. It turns out, the United States is actually behind the times on this one. Tiramisu Oreo Thins have been available off and on for years in countries including South Korea, Thailand, and Japan. Hey Nabisco: If we’re going to start pulling international inspiration for the U.S. Oreo flavors, can we get those Peach Blossom Rice Wine Oreos over here?

Um, did you say “cookie ouroboros” up there? Are you okay?

Yep, I referenced a snake eating its own tail to describe the self-referential cycle of Oreo cookie releases—too heady? Let me explain. The far more interesting addition to the lineup is the limited-edition Dirt Cake Oreos. For the uninitiated, dirt cake is a dessert made with Oreos. While there’s no comprehensive cookie wiki to fact check against, I believe that makes these Oreo Dirt Cake cookies the fourth Oreo-flavored Oreo flavor.

This cookie is so specifically layered, we have to dissect the recipe like a fossil. From bottom to top, Oreo Dirt Cake cookies will feature the standard chocolate cookie, a layer of chocolate creme, a layer of brownie-flavored creme (last seen in 2022’s Brookie-O’s), another standard chocolate cookie, and… “gummy worm-inspired sprinkles on top.” I’m not sure what gummy worm-inspired sprinkles are. I’m not sure the FDA knows what they are, but I’ll be in line to try them nonetheless.

The limited-time Dirt Cake Oreos and the Tiramisu Oreo Thins will both hit grocery store shelves starting on March 4. We’re ~82% confident they’re going to be worth your time.

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