The Best Desserts for the Grill

In the immortal words of Zac Efron in his swoopy hair era, what time is it? Summertime (well, almost). And summertime means good ol’ grillin’ season. And while we all have savory things we love to throw on the grill for a good cookout—burgers, dogs, veggie burgers, veggie dogs—many people aren’t aware that grilled desserts exist, too. And if you are thinking to yourself, “Grilled desserts?!? What’s next baked bbq chicken?!?” I’m here to tell you, a.) that that’s already a thing, my dude, and, b.) stay tuned, babygrill, because here is our list of the best desserts for the grill.


I mean this one seems pretty obvious. Roast some marshmallows (the best ones, if possible) over a hot grill then slide them off the metal skewer (or water-soaked wooden one) with two graham cracker squares and a piece of delicious milky chocolate. Not into that? Then mix up your s’mores game. We have some suggestions for that here. These are definitely among the easiest and most interactive desserts for the grill.

Apple or Berry Crisp in Foil

Whatttttt?!? You can make a crisp on the grill? You bet, babygrill (I don’t normally talk like this…the grill master within me must be taking over). How does it not get everywhere? Why, you wrap it all in foil of course! Pile in your fresh summer fruits; cinnamon, brown sugar or maple syrup, butter; and some oats, and let the magic happen. Throw on some vanilla ice cream once it’s done and you are in business! Just search for apple crisp on the grill and you will get countless awesome recipes to get you started.

Chocolate Marshmallow Banana

I hadn’t heard of this before researching this article, but apparently it is a thing because I saw multiple recipes and I now I will be forced to try it out this summer. You cut a banana in half the long way, then fill it with chocolate chips (or broken-up chocolate bars) and mini marshmallows, wrap it all in foil and grill it. I am just speechless, y’all. People come up with the darndest things (again I don’t normally talk like this, I don’t know what’s happening today). I want this served up with some ice cream and caramel sauce, pronto.

Grilled Pound Cake

Yes, you can do this. It’s legal, I’ve had it, and it slaps. You just take a pound cake slice, homemade or otherwise, lightly oil the grill grate, and then toast the slice for about a minute on each side. Then you serve it up with berries or grilled fruit or ice cream or whipped cream or all of those things at once. MMMMMMmmmmmmm. We really liked the mini pound cakes from Entenmann’s and I bet they would grill up great if you sliced them in half. If you want more specifics on how to do this, there are recipes all over the internet. It’s definitely one of the more popular desserts for the grill.

Grilled Peaches or Apricots with Ice Cream

Lastly, a classic dessert for the grill: grilled stone fruit with whipped cream and ice cream. Whether you have peaches, plums, apricots, or nectarines on hand, cut ‘em in half, take out the pit, lightly grease them, and then throw them on the grill for a couple of minutes. Then take this delicious dessert on the grill off the grill, smother with ice cream and whipped cream, and live your best life.

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