Deli & Dairy

Meat, Cheeses, Milk, & Chilled Snacks

Welcome to the deli and dairy aisle at Sporked. We’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for when it comes to the very best in deli foods like meats and dairy foods like cheeses and yogurts. Whether you’re searching through the dairy aisle looking for the best cheese (we’re talking Swiss, cheddar, goat cheese, and so much more), the best Greek yogurt (plain and flavored!), or the best butter (salted and unsalted!), or hunting in the deli for the best ham, the best turkey, or the best bacon (turkey or pork!), we have the food ranking for you. We prepped and taste tested all of these foods in the Sporked offices to find the best ones for you. We looked for good and texture flavor, obviously, but we also took into consideration things like price, packaging, and utility. In these rankings, you’ll see not only the product that we ranked as the very best, but also runner-ups that might be the better option for you. Perhaps you’re looking for the best cheddar cheese specifically for a burger or the best Greek yogurt that’s ultra thick and creamy or maybe you like your bacon as thick as a novella. There are lots of options in these rankings and we stand behind them all. So, don’t just scroll to the bottom to see the number one pick—you might miss out on your new favorite product.

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