Sour Patch Kids Oreos Are REAL and You Can Pre-Order NOW

This might be all my fault. The last time I talked about Oreo cookies, I mentioned how self-referential the new flavors have been getting. This year alone, we’ve seen space-flavored Oreos, cookie-flavored Oreos, and even OREO-based dessert-flavored OREOs. Still, these flavors have one key factor in common: They all sound good! It’s hard to mess up an Oreo. Or so we thought.

Does that headline say Sour Patch Kids Oreos? Like, the gummy theater candy covered in sour dust?

The very same! Yes, Sour Patch Kids Oreo cookies will hit store shelves on May 6. In a press release, both the cookie and the creme are described as “Sour Patch Kids-flavored” with “colorful inclusions.” The eagle-eyed among you will realize this marks the second Oreo variant in a row to use the term “inclusion” specifically in the flavor description. These cookies will be limited-time-only, which is the only relief I can find in this entire situation.

Can I get these Sour Patch Oreos any sooner?

If you’ve got a terminal case of FOMOoO (Fear of Missing Out on Oreos), have no fear: These cookie chimeras are available in an early pre-sale starting today! And if that’s not enough of this specific collab for you, a corresponding merchandise line launches on May 2. Could we see the debut of a Sour Patch Kids Oreo scented candle? Will a third player enter this unholy amalgamation by way of a Sour Patch Kids Oreo Funko Pop?

Why are you writing Sour Patch Kids Oreos off before you’ve even tried them?

Because of my tragic history with sour candy cookies! Back in the summer of 2020, Sour Patch Kids invaded another cookie: Chips Ahoy. (I don’t blame you if you forgot that happened, we all had some stuff going on at the time.) The mad scientists at Chips Ahoy replaced the regular chocolate chips with “sweet and sour” creme chips. If they had stopped there, these might have passed as edible. It was really the burnt gummy chunks in every bite that made me renounce the idea of Sour Patch Kids ever being used as a baking ingredient. That being said, I do largely prefer Oreo to Chips Ahoy, so it’s possible I will have a better experience with this one. Out of scientific due diligence, I will be giving these Oreos the benefit of the doubt once I get my hands on them. It’s not impossible to do a good tart-yet-sweet sandwich cookie—just ask ICEE.

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