Sporked’s Guide to the Best 4th of July Food and Drinks

You don’t have to only eat red, white, and blue foods on Independence Day. (Does anyone actually like flag cakes or are they just for the ‘gram?) In our opinion, the best 4th of July food is simple and summery. We’re talking hot dogs, BBQ, ice cream—but not just any of those 4th of July foods, the best of the best. It’s America’s birthday, after all. And the best way we know how to honor this great country of ours is with a truly superb vegan hot dog or a sublime popsicle. We’ve taste tested all the best 4th of July foods and drinks and now we’re sharing them all with you. 

Best Hot Dogs

best hot dogs
Credit: Liv Averett / Albertsons / Instacart / iStock / Whole Foods

The 4th of July might be America’s birthday but it’s also National Hot Dog Day, which is equally as important, if you ask us. Find the best hot dogs to grill up, steam, boil, or eat straight from the package (they’re pre-cooked, right?). 

Best Vegan Dogs

best vegan hot dogs
Credit: Ryan Martin

Vegans and vegetarians should be allowed to celebrate National Hot Dog Day, too. We found the best plant-based dogs that even meat-eaters will love. 

Best Hot Dog Chili

best hot dog chili
Credit: Merc / Walmart / Instacart / Amazon

As if hot dogs weren’t meaty enough, we found the best hot dog chili to slop onto your tube meat. America! We love to top our meat with meat.

Best BBQ Sauces

best BBQ sauce
Credit: Walmart

There are all sorts of BBQ sauce styles and all sorts of opinions about which style is the best. We’re equal opportunity BBQ sauce enjoyers here at Sporked, as long as it tastes great.  

Best Corn on the Cob Seasonings Beyond Salt and Pepper

best seasoning for corn on the cob
Credit: Liv Averett / iStock / Target / Walmart

Corn is an essential summer food—grilled or steamed or boiled. To take it over the top, slather it in the best butter and top it with one of these out-of-the-box seasonings. 

All the Chips You Need at a Cookout

best summer party chips
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / Instacart

Set up the ultimate chip table with this lineup of the best chips to serve at a cookout—from BBQ to spicy. 

Best Ice Cream

best ice cream
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target / Trader Joe’s / Vons / Walmart

Whether you’re a mix-in freak or a vanilla purist, we have taste tested and determined all of the best ice cream you can buy. 

Best Frozen Desserts to Hold in Your Hand

best frozen desserts you can hold in your hand
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target / Walmart

Looking for an on-the-go treat? Here are the best cold and creamy desserts to snag, from Klondike Bars to mochi ice cream. 

Easy 2-Ingredient Popsicles

easy two ingredient popsicles
Credit: Liv Averett / Door Dash / Instacart / iStock / Trader Joe’s

We don’t do a lot of actual cooking here at Sporked but even we can handle these super-simple popsicle recipes. 

Delicious (and Easy) Desserts for the Grill

desserts for the grill
Credit: Liv Averett / iStock

If you’ve never had a grilled mini pound cake slice from Entenmann’s, do yourself a favor and try it this Fourth. We’re talking fireworks in your mouth. 

Best Light Beer

best light beers
Credit: Liv Averett / Target / Total Wine / Walmart

I believe if you are over 21 you are required by law to hold a beer in one hand when you’re manning the grill on Independence Day. Make sure it’s a good one that won’t weigh you down. 

Best N/A Beer

best non-alcoholic beer

And even if you don’t do booze, we have the best non-alcoholic beer for you. 

Best Hard Lemonade

best hard lemonade

Not into beer? Try a spiked version of that all-American beverage, lemonade. There are better choices out there than when you last had a hard lemonade in college. (And if you’re looking for booze-free lemonade, we can recommend a few of those, too.)

Your Non-Food BBQ Checklist

your non-food bbq checklist
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / Target

You’re going to host a BBQ, you’ll need more than just food. This checklist will help. 

Best Beach Snacks

beach snacks
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Walmart / Instacart / Target / iStock

And if you’re skipping the BBQ and just heading to the coast or to a lake, you’ll still need snacks. We’ve got you covered. 

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